About Skydive Snohomish

Skydive Snohomish is a family-owned and operated, full-service skydiving operation committed to safety as our first priority, offering professionalism and a personal connection with our customers.

  • We specialize in the first-skydive experience and consider it our privilege to provide a first-class introduction to the sport of skydiving.
  • First Skydive
  • We strive to maintain a balance between first-time tandem students and experienced skydivers.
  • Licensed Skydivers


Skydive Snohomish is located at historic Harvey Field in Snohomish, Washington. Skydiving evolved into an organized sport at Harvey Field in the early 1950’s. Snohomish hosted many skydiving meets and competitions in those early days, and it was the place many of the pioneers in the sport called “home”.

Don't forget to check the Harvey Field Web Cam for a view of the current weather.

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