Seattle's #1 Tandem Skydiving

The price for your tandem skydive includes everything

  • Ground and Air Instruction
  • Gear Rental
  • Lift to Altitude
  • Certificate signed by your Instructor

Tandem Skydive Altitudes & Extras

  • Base exit altitude is 8000 ft (a 30-second freefall). Weather permitting, we will take you to 10,000ft (a 45-second freefall) at no extra charge.
  • Double your freefall time for an additional $25. Skydive from 12,000 to 14,000 ft, increasing your freefall time to as much as one full minute!*
  • Get a professionally edited video or still photos of your tandem skydive for $90
  • Altitude and Photography Services options confirmed on day of skydive.
  • Group rates available
  • Gift Certificates are available and make an exciting gift for any occasion. Call in your order today!

*Subject to weather conditions and student variables.  Rates subject to change without prior notice

Tandem Scheduling Availability

  • Wednesday-Sunday during the summer months: May thru September.
  • Saturdays and Sundays during winter months: October and January thru April (No skydiving operations during November and December)
  • Classes offered throughout the day.
  • Weather dependent activity.  Weather decisions made by drop zone staff.
  • Minimum age to skydive is 18.
  • Students 65 and older must provide a medical clearance signed by their doctor within 60 days of their scheduled skydive.
  • Maximum weight is 220 lbs

Tandem Skydiving Overview

You'll start your skydiving experience with a 30 minute class in which a tandem instructor will introduce himself and outline your adventure from the basic operation of the equipment through the presentation of your first jump certificate!  Next your instructor will show you our tandem equipment, how it operates and it's safety features.   Right before you "gear up" you and your instructor will physically practice the exit, proper freefall body position, canopy control, and proper landing position.

Upon completion of the ground training you will gear-up, board the aircraft, and enjoy a 15-20 minute scenic flight on your way to altitude.   Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, the Puget Sound, the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges, the Seattle skyline, Victoria, and the San Juan Islands are just a few of the sights that encircle our picturesque "playground in the sky".  At 8,000 to 12,000 ft your instructor will perform the final safety check and move into position for exiting the aircraft.   Once in position, your instructor will open the door and as the wind hits your face, the real RUSH begins!  You will exit the aircraft and enter the exciting freefall environment for 30-60 seconds of pure adrenaline, human flight, and 120 MPH exhilaration!

Once the canopy is open your instructor will adjust your harness for comfort and begin teaching you how to steer your parachute.  If you'd like you can continue the excitement with steep turns and spirals or you can simply relax, take in the peaceful view, and become fully conscious of your first skydiving experience.

Upon landing you will be greeted by ground personnel that will congratulate you, collapse the canopy, and help you out of your harness.  Your experience will conclude with the presentation of your First Jump Certificate, personally signed by your instructor.  Physically your adventure will have come to a close, however, you will take with you the unforgettable memory of that time you left the confines of "traditional flight" and actually flew your body through the sky!

Group discounts are available for 4 or more, so stop talking about it, round them up, and schedule your skydive today!  If you have any more questions or are ready to schedule please contact us, we look forward to hearing from and hopefully meeting you soon!

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