Skydive Training


So you've "taken the plunge" 

and now you want to get licensed...

Our location here at Harvey Field is excellent for tandem and experienced skydivers, however it doesn’t offer the flexibility necessary for novice and student skydivers.  Below you will find a “Drop Zone Locator” to assist you in finding the training location that best suits your needs. 

We here at Skydive Snohomish share your passion and excitement for this amazing sport! The United States Parachute Association (USPA) issues skydiving licenses in the United States. We recommend reviewing the resources found on their website, starting with the Keep Skydiving page!

Other Useful Resources:

Find a training location: Drop Zone Locator

Learn more about training methods and skills: On Line Ground School

Safety statistics and information regarding the sport of skydiving: Skydiving Safety

Complete resource for skydiving information: Skydiver Information Manual (SIM)

Advanced Licensing and Instructional Ratings: Licenses and Ratings

What qualifications are required to skydive at Skydive Snohomish?

USPA C-License

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance in helping you move toward the goal of becoming a licensed skydiver!

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Group Member: U.S. Parachute Association U.S. Parachute Association Training Center
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