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Skydive Snohomish is located only 20 miles North of Seattle!  We offer a welcoming atmosphere at a beautiful location. Come check out Seattle, Washington's premier skydiving center!

Visiting C- or D-licensed skydivers will be given a drop zone briefing and a gear check prior to manifesting.  The briefing and gear check will take place as soon as qualified personnel are available.  In keeping with the culture of safety as our top priority for all who visit Skydive Snohomish, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, based on our assessment of the skydiver's experience, abilities, and equipment.

Wingsuiting is not compatible with our DZ operations, airspace, and available landing areas, and are not performed at Skydive Snohomish.

If you have not jumped at Skydive Snohomish, you can now speed up your check-in process by providing some basic information and find out about the latest DZ procedures using the Licensed Jumper Pre-Check prior to arrival.   

Canopy Size and Wing Loading Limits Policy

News about Wingsuiting at Skydive Snohomish

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