Skydive Snohomish was amazing. I jumped on Saturday April 18th 2015. The energy of all the team members was high and it made my nerves much calmer. The staff was friendly, welcoming, and always had a smile of their faces. The office and outdoor waiting area felt like a familiar friends house. I especially liked that my cheer squad of a family was able to walk through the office into the observation area to watch me suit up, get into the plane, and skydive back to earth. 

Having Jordan as my instructor was awesome. He made me feel comfortable and communicated everything he was doing. He prepared me as we were getting ready to jump and his video tapping skills were on point! His experience and knowledge further made the experience all the more thrilling! 

I will definitely jump again!

Breahna E.(4/18/2015)

If more people fully understood the experience that you provide, the skies would be flooded with tandem skydivers.  To place yourself in the hands of a stranger who will push you from a plane requires an insane amount of faith or flat-out denial of all the possibilities that you just signed away in a 8 pages of consent forms.

In the end, I needed neither faith or denial to take the plunge and enjoy every thrilling second.  Spotty and Kelly had put my friend and I at such ease, we knew that our lives were in the hands of experienced professionals who intuitively knew what we needed for a successful flight.  From "DANGER" blasting my brain to laughing all the way down with Spotty, the experience from beginning to end was beyond impressive.  I'd do it again without a moments hesitation.

Kristin W.(3/27/2015)

This skydive was my first time ever doing something like this.  Aside from that, it was also my birthday.  So it was a special day (and special gift from my husband).  Our instructor Kelly Craig was so awesome.  To be honest, I had some last minute thoughts before the jump, but Kelly really made me feel at ease before, during, and after the jump.  I am so thankful for both him and Skydive Snohomish.  This is an experience I'll always remember and treasure.  

I will definitely be coming back again.  I even convinced my husband to jump with me next time too! We're thinking of making our next trip for our anniversary, but honestly, don't know if we can wait till then!

Given the great and positive experience we had.  I'm even think now of pursuing my skydiving license.  

I owe both Kelly and the crew at Skydive Snohomish my sincerest gratitude for one of (but not LAST!) greatest experiences in my life. 

Belen T.(3/27/2015)

These people are the best!  From my first of many calls with Jessica through my jump with Vladimir, this was simply the most amazing experience, start to finish!  The entire crew in incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and professional.  Everyone makes you feel safe and excited at the same time.  And what a view! I got to jump with my oldest daughter and 2 dear friends on the experience of a lifetime!  I have never felt anything like that roll out the door!  I've been wearing a huge grin all day!

George G.(3/8/2015)

My husband gave me the gift of skydiving for my birthday, knowing that this is something I've dreamed of doing since I was very young. I was absolutely giddy with anticipation, which was even captured in full dorkiness on my video when the jump day (3/1/15) actually came. Kelly made sure my husband and I got the most out of our experience. I like how Kelly even pointed out the land features as we flew up. The jump itself definitely took my breath away -  in the best sense, as well as a little in the literal sense. It is truly an awesome thrill. I got my taste of fear factor, while feeling confident I was in good hands. I loved the opportunity to steer the chute and feel the different sensations as my stomach did loops. And the landing was surprisingly gentle - playing with my kids gives me harder knocks. I definitely want to come back. And fall from higher up next time!

Cheryl H.(3/1/2015)

I had the most amazing dive! I had jumped tandem twice before coming to Skydive Snohomish and I wasn't expecting a different experience. I was wrong.

Skydive Snohomish has their operations together! Everyone was so knowledgeable and nice. They really cared about the experience, not just the service. Vlad made my third tandem jump the best of my skydiving experiences by far! I was thoroughly impressed by the level of attention we received from everyone, from the time of the call to the landing!  THANK YOU!

J. Rubio(5/19/2014)


There are no words to describe how amazing the entire experience was! This was my first Skydive, but for sure will not be my last. I wasn't even on the ground before I asked them to take me up again. It was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced! The instructors high energy and fun personalities made it even more enjoyable! Every time I watch the video I get to relive the excitement of the entire experience and the exhilaration of the free fall. Everyone should do it at some point in their lives, but I say sooner rather than later! You won't be disappointed!!!

S. McCreadie(10/10/2013)

Kory was my instructor. He was great! He explained everything very well and made sure my very first jump left me wanting to do it again. It was so much fun! Our whole team had an awesome trip and can't wait to come back! Your company has a great safety reputation and a dedicated staff that aren't easy to find. I would recommend you to anyone who wants a fantastic experience - and already have!!

L. Carey(10/10/2013)

This was an experience of a lifetime!  I was really excited to go but also a little scared.  My instructor, Kelly, made sure that I was always laughing so I could not overthink it or start to get scared.  He was also really good about pointing out all the sights, both in the plane and on the dive.  It was beautiful to see everything and be out in the air with it!  He made sure that I was always laughing and smiling and doing fun stuff during the free fall so my video would be awesome!  I loved every minute of it and can't wait to go again!  I have over-watched the video and get excited every time to go again.  Everyone was upbeat and friendly at the desk and they felt more like friends than a business.

R. Hartmeyer(10/7/2013)

My experience with Skydive Snohomish for my very first tandem skydive was absolutely incredible. The customer service there is excellent. I was very nervous about my dive but everyone there reassured me and made me feel less panicked. The desk attendants were very friendly and the instructors made the dive such a blast! My instructor, Spotty, was an awesome diving partner. He made me laugh to ease my nerves and took some great pictures during the dive! I will definitely recommend Skydive Snohomish to my friends and family.

A. Stough(9/22/2013)

My skydive experience was AMAZING!  My tandem instructor was super fun and out going and I felt safe jumping out of the plane with him.  It was perfect that me and my boyfriend and his whole family all fit into the same plane and we all got to watch each other jump out.  I was scared to death when it was my time to jump out but the feeling of the skydiving adventure is indescribable.  When the parachute opened it was as if I was flying and as soon as I landed I wanted to go again!  I loved how open and outgoing the instructors were and they made me and my boyfriend share an awesome experience of skydiving.  We even got to fly our parachutes next to each other!  Thank you so much Skydive Snohomish!  Can't wait to go again!

J. Buckmiller(9/21/2013)

Skydive Snohomish exceeded our every expectation!  My brother and I treated my dad to skydiving for his 60th birthday and of course, joined him!  From the moment we walked in the door everything went so smoothly.  The weather was stunning - not a cloud to be seen!  We splurged for the extra elevation and longer free fall which was definitely worth it.  I wasn't nervous until Kory came over and called my name that it was our turn - then suddenly I could barely form words!  We got suited up, took some fun pictures, & headed up.  It seems strange looking back to be putting your life in the hands of someone you met just 15 minutes prior, but Kory did a great job of making me feel not only very safe, but EXCITED!  There is no way to describe the feeling of flying, but it was AMAZING!  Best part though may have been looking at the still shots later - me screaming, Kory looking so calm! Definitely worth the extra cash for those!  Can't wait to come back and hopefully jump with Kory again!  THANK YOU!!!!

T. Barton(9/3/2013)

Where to start, the whole experience from the moment I arrived to jumping out of the perfectly good airplane at 13,000ft was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Staff, highly professional, courteous, and friendly from the front desk to the jumpers.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks again for such an amazing experience.

J. Ham(9/3/2013)

Unequivocally the most fun I have EVER had in my life was had at Skydive Snohomish on my 43rd birthday. Experiencing 120mph of gravitational pull at 13,000 ft. above ground, is THE place to be!  The sheer exhilaration of the dive was enough to make for the best day ever but it was made impossibly better by the entire staff and top notch operation at Skydive Snohomish. Upon arrival, we were greeted warmly by a helpful and friendly reception staff who explained the day's well-organized ensuing events quickly and efficiently.  Bill & Craig, were the best couple of guys we could have ever hoped to be strapped to as we plummeted out of a "perfectly good airplane." With years of experience and 1000's of dives under their belt, they could make anyone feel comfortable while simultaneously making us laugh the whole time! The landing was nothing short of brilliant; when prompted, I put my feet down on the ground and was standing. Incredible. We cant wait to do it again!

A. Thiessen(9/2/2013)

My teenagers gave me a Father's day gift this year that at the time I wasn't sure I really wanted... a tandem skydive! My jump from 13,500 feet was one of the biggest adrenalin rushes I have ever experienced and almost a week later I am still walking around with a huge smile on my face.

I was linked up with Spotty (D19410) and he made it a perfect day. His experience and humor immediately put me at ease and he made it so much fun I look forward to doing it again someday.

While I said no to the video prior to the jump I consider myself very fortunate as Spotty video taped the jump anyway and convinced me I should buy it. I have watched the jump at least 20 times and it is like experiencing it over and over again... Thanks Spotty!

Thank you for an incredible experience and lifelong memory.

J. Fisher(1/1/2010)

Do what Nike says, "Just Do It!".

So glad we FINALLY did it ourselves! Skydiving with Skydive Snohomish was AWESOME to say the least. From the very start of my several calls and asking my zillion questions to our Skydive on August 7th, 2011, the staff was FANTASTIC!!! Oh, and we even got super yummy home-made cookies to start our day off, made by one of the office gals! I received a gift certificate from my husband for my birthday in March to finally fulfill a long time dream (since High School),... Skydiving! My two daughters and one of their boyfriends joined the day to make it even more exciting and memorable. I had the BEST Skydiving guide EVER! SPOTTY was PHENOMINAL and made the jump super relaxed, making me feel very safe, and full of Enthusiasm from the very start of our day. One of the other guides who took my youngest daughter up was Todd, and she swears "HE" was the BEST! (Spotty can't be beat!, he was Super!!!) I can't remember the other two guides names but all were absolutely WONDERFUL! We highly recommend spending the little extra to go up higher for a longer free-fall. Plus, the video is a MUST!!! It's so fun to share with friends and also a great reminder for the things I had forgotten... it went by so fast with all the excitement!

Hurry and book your Skydiving memory with SkyDive Snohomish! You are guaranteed a thrill of a lifetime from a Super Awesome crew of people.

Check out their website at: www.skydivesnohomish.com or call: 360-568-7703 ASAP!!!


"The Flying Monkey's" from Seattle

C. Hewitt(1/1/2010)

Hi Guys –

That was an amazing experience. Being attached to an extremely attractive instructor was just a bonus.

We scheduled our skydive for Sarah’s 25th birthday. What a great way to celebrate joining the quarter century club. The videos turned out awesome and we played them that night at Sarah’s birthday party.

It was a breathe taking view of the landscape and cities. This is something that I would love to again.

If by some chance I do win a free skydive, can I request Luke? :-)

H. Hartman(1/1/2010)

I did my first skydive 4 days ago on August 18 and now every time I hear a small plane fly over Ballard, it makes me think of skydiving. I'm hooked. Like so many people, skydiving was something I'd always wanted to do, but just never did it and thank God that finally changed! From the moment we set out for Harvey Field from Seattle, I had a big goofy grin on my face from all of my giddiness. The grin briefly faded while signing all of the waivers, however I was thankful for the reminder- there was nothing natural about what I was going to do- which is exactly why I was doing it! And as soon as that sexy jumpsuit and harness were on, I knew a couple things: a) this was really happening; b) it was too late to go to the bathroom and c) I just might pee my pants with excitement/fear. As soon as I met my instructor Luke, he did a FANTASTIC job of entertaining me, thereby distracting me from my fear AND my need to use the bathroom (and luckily for him, I didn't pee my pants!)

I'd always pictured myself attempting to skydive but getting stuck at the door because I wouldn't actually go through with it- haha, I didn't have that option. Between checking out the scenery, to making jokes and faces for the video, next thing I knew I was sitting in the doorway and then immediately freefalling from 13,500 feet.


The entire experience was absolutely incredible- from the terrifying freefall to the scenic views with the parachute to the seamless landing. And I'm well on my way to wearing out the DVD of the whole thing as I show it to everyone I know. Luke and Kelly did a great job of keeping my friend Grace and I next to each other so that we could share the memory together.

Thank you Skydive Snohomish for making it so accessible and fun to do something so insane! I'm working on getting more people sold on the idea so that I can come back :-D

And Luke... you made my experience. Seriously. I was scheduled to jump with Kelly and I'm sure Kelly's a nice guy, but he read the list wrong and ended up jumping with my friend and I'm very okay with that. I knew that the instructor would make sure I was as safe as possible, but I didn't anticipate feeling so safe, while laughing at some very cheesy lines for the camera. And your love for the sport was infectious, reminding me as we were falling that this really was crazy fun! When I can come back, I will be jumping with you. And after watching the video, my friends have scolded me for not trying to get your number. But seriously, thank you so much for jumping with me and making me smile at 150 mph.

Thanks again,

S. Fundenberger(1/1/2010)

On July 26th 2009 I went on my first skydive for my 79th birthday. It was the most exciting thing I had ever done in my life.I have wanted to do this ever since seeing all those paratroopers jumping out of planes over Europe during WWII in the movies and finally had the opportunity to do it. My tandem partner was Valdamir who helped me get into the suit and harness and explained everything two or three times as to what would be happening from take off to the dive. Everything went exceptionally well and he kept asking me if I was ok. I was, until later that evening when I felt weak and lightheaded so I took my blood pressure and it was down quite a bit. I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure in March 2006 and was put on BP meds. I monitored my BP on Mon.and Tue and it was still down. I had an appt. with my doctor the next day on Wed. and told him what happened so he suggested I go off the meds for two weeks and check in to see him. After seeing him again he advised that I stay off the meds and keep monitoring for two more months. Long story short I no longer take the BP meds and it’s been three years. I’ve told this story to the other doctors I’ve seen over the years and they can’t explain why this happened.When I told my Chinese acupuncturist she said “of course, space medicine” Seems the Chinese have been working on something like this for some time.

Since that day in 2009 I have skydived at the end of July in 2010, 2011 and 2012. It is still a thrill and have requested Vladamir to be my partner each time and I have to tell you that I believe he is the best you have. Now, I have to ask, is the BP thing permanent or do I have to keep skydiving every July near my birthday to keep my BP down?. When I ask my doctor for the required note from him to skydive I tell him that I need to do it to stay healthy. He gives it to me but thinks I’m crazy. I have tried to tell my friends and family to try this adventure but none of them will.They are really missing the thrill of a lifetime. End of story.

Thanks again for being so close to home and for being so safety conscious.

P. Henshaw(1/1/2010)

What an amazing adventure from start to finish! I knew right from the beginning as we were welcomed and greeted by the warm and friendly staff at the front desk that we had chosen the right place to have our first tandem skydiving experience. We got to hangout in a fun lounging area while we signed our lives away without a care in the world. Thank you so very much to my Instructor Jordan for making me feel completely safe and comfortable throughout the whole skydiving process and being an excellent scenic tour guide during the plane ride up and again as we were parachuting back down. He made my experience a lot of fun and truly a day to remember! I think the only time I really got nervous was when I noticed how cute Jordan is! Honorable mention and much thanks to Instructor Kelly for being so delightful to be around with his infectious humor and charm. I must say, all in all, it was really the people that made the experience memorable for me. I think that says a lot about Skydive Snohomish! Thanks again and we'll be back soon!

S. Sezto(1/1/2010)

Dear SkyDive Snohomish,

I wanted to send in a little testimonial for the most awesome day of my life. Two of my girlfriends and I decided it was time to do something big - we all had different reasons. Mine had been "just because" why wait to do something tomorrow when you can do it today. What started as a regular Friday, ended as a day I will never forget. It's the most insane, awesome, and EPIC experience one can have. The entire staff, starting with all my calls days earlier asking questions and fretting about the weather, to Josh who harnessed us in, to the video guy behind the glass that put together a ROCK ON video that we will cherish for the rest of our lives - needs a big shout out of thanx!!!

I have to give a huge THANK YOU to Kelly, my instructor and Luke & Spotty for an amazing experience & jump. While they jump everyday, manys times throughout - they made us feel like it was their first jump and they were having as much fun as we all were.

Thank you SkyDive Snohomish - It's been about 2 weeks now and I still have perma grin - and I tell everyone about the experience. We've hosted video parties so everyone can see our experience, and in fact just today I was in Costco and started a conversation with an employee who was looking into it and I told them all about you guys - told him to not go anywhere else but up north your way. From Safety to Customer Service to Fun - you guys have it all - and I definitely plan on jumping a 2nd time.

Thank you again for an EPIC experience of a lifetime YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!

K. Molik(1/1/2010)

I just wanted to write and tell everyone at Snohomish Skydive what a FIVE STAR experience my friends and I had on 08/27/11.

The staff was really friendly and helpful, I loved every minute of it! Even from signing my life away.

The plane trip up 13,000 feet was such a smooth ride. This made me feel even more confident for our big dive down. During my 60 seconds of free falling, there are no words to even describe this AMAZING experience; you just have to do it for yourself! My Tandem instructor was Todd he made me feel very comfortable and aware of everything that will happen before, during and after the dive. I'm so glad I decided to get the video package. I've watched the video many times and shown it to family and friends. Now they all want to skydive! I can't imagine a better tandem skydiving experience.

Thanks Snohomish Skydive! You definitely made this a memorable one for my friends and I. You ROCK!

B. Yath(1/1/2010)

Wow! What a fantastic ride! Dad & I had our tandem skydive on the 20th. Dad just turned 95 in June and it was a FIRST for both of us. I can't tell you how much Dad & I loved every minute of it! I had expected to be scared but was surprised how at ease my instructor, Sonya, made it. Dad felt secure with Vladamir and while we were nervous our fears went away as soon as we left the airplane. It was one of those moments you will never forget and every time I think about it I get a smile on my face. We are both looking forward to the 2nd annual jump in 2012! I have already told all my friends and relatives they HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT!!! Skydive Snohomish treated us so wonderfully and Elaine Harvey went out of her way to make it possible for my Dad to achieve his dream and cross off 1 more item from his "bucket" list. Thank you all.

S. Oram(1/1/2010)

Well, where to start. I had the most exhilarating experience imaginable on Saturday afternoon. My SIL, Nephew and I went for our first tandem jump together. I couldn't have asked for better company to jump with. And this time, the weather cooperated. Our original jump was scheduled last Oct 2nd. But do to inclement weather, we were unable to jump.

This has been something I've always wanted to do, and made that dream a reality on Saturday. Thank you to Todd, for a very memorable experience. I think this one tops the list of lifetime experiences. We will talk about this one for a lifetime. And the videos are awesome, and will be a conversation piece for quit some time to come. Lol

My nephew booked for his girlfriend, her mother and himself for this coming weekend, before he even left the field at Harvey. My jump is still sinking in, as I'm not sure I fully realize just what I've done yet. Wow...my fear of heights is lessened, go figure!

I could go on and on, but won't. Lol

Once again thank you Skydive Snohomish, and Todd, for your wonderful time. You are all super people and I will be back.

Blue skies

C. Fowler(1/1/2010)

Growing up in Snohomish, I would frequently see the skydivers coming down and think that I could never do that! But a few years ago, I started talking to my friends about wanting to do it and we decided this was the year and it was awesome! I was scared all the way until the moment we jumped out of the plane and then it was just indescribable, hands down one of the best things I've done yet. Thank you Snohomish for the great experience. I think the big smile on my face says it all!

Thanks again,

R. Devlin(1/1/2010)

Thank you so much for making our first jump an AMAZING experience. Honestly, I had never once had any desire to jump out of a plane, but put it on my "30-before-30" list to try something new and totally outside of my "norm". I LOVED it!!! My friend and I jumped with Todd and Sonja, and they made us feel comfortable, totally eased our nerves, and kept us laughing the whole time. It's now 5 days later, and I still have the same stupid grin on my face that I had when I jumped. We can't wait for our next jump next month!!!


September 17th was a day that I will always remember. My girlfriend Katie and I had been talking about going skydiving all summer and after brilliantly deceiving both of our mothers to jump with us, all we had to do was show up. It was the first time skydiving for all of us so we had no idea what to expect. Everything at Skydive Snohomish is absolutely a load of fun, from signing our lives away to jumping out of the plane. All of the instructors are very knowledgeable and after a couple of minutes after walking in the door I felt like I was hanging out with old friends. Katie and I were the first to go up, my tandem partner was Jordan and hers was Jeff. Jordan was really laid back and his knowledge and calmness made me feel confident that everything was going to be smooth. A couple of people have asked me what my first thought was when I jumped out of the plane. Honestly, at first I didn't think anything, then surprisingly I was really relaxed. I couldn't imagine the freefall without the extra altitude, it just wouldn't be enough. The extra altitude is a must. After the parachute deployed gliding down was also a thrill as Jordan expertly styled several maneuvers and landed very smoothly. I just finished watching the video, which I HIGHLY recommend everybody to get. I love the music they paired with the footage. I have been officially hooked on skydiving. Both Katie's family and my family agreed to make it a family tradition to go skydiving once a year. As for me, I'll be going a little more often. My next goal is to get my skydiving license.

Thank you all,

C. Harrott(1/1/2010)

My family and the family of Skydive Snohomish helped make my birthday an unforgettable experience. The anticipation leading up to my special day on February 20 was filled with excitement, a slightly nervous stomach and lots of weather forecast watching. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the experience did not disappoint; it was UNFORGETTABLE!

From the time my family and I arrived at the registration desk to the time we left, we were treated as rock stars. The atmosphere was very relaxed; more like a family's rec room and backyard than that of a business enterprise. The kids loved the foosball & vending machines while my husband appreciated the coffee and conversations with staff and other patrons. But most important to me was the way Kelly, my tandem instructor, and other staff took safety seriously while maintaining their own Rule #1- Have Fun & Smile. Everyone there enjoyed what they did and it was very obvious.

The jump itself is more difficult to describe but obviously the most exhilarating part of the day. The weather was absolutely spectacular and I was able to see the beauty of the Cascades, Puget Sound and everything in between. Still hard for me to believe I was on an airplane at 13,000 feet strapped to a guy who introduced himself to me 20 minutes earlier with a casual, "Hi, I'm Kelly and I'll be pushing you out of a plane today." He didn't lie, we scooted to the edge of the open door and I think he tricked me a little by telling me to look into the camera. When I did, he scooted us out into the open air. I remember thinking that I was glad Kelly was there and hoped he didn't mind my screaming and occasional profane word. We were definitely falling but it felt more like flying and when the chute opened it quieted down and it became more of a soaring sensation. I was able to find some of the other jumpers from the plane and as we got closer to the ground my family could be seen looking up at me and waving. The landing was spot on. I was glad to be on the ground but immediately had thoughts about doing it again!

Our final highlight was sitting around the sectional sofa and watching the video footage of my jump. The entire place (probably 20 people or so) stopped what they were doing and joined our family. There were high fives, laughter and a final applause from everyone, including the plane's pilot.

Yes, you are only 40 once and I'm so grateful to Skydive Snohomish for making it such a memorable day for me and my family! My new line is 'You're only 41 Once' and I'm hoping to spend it at Harvey Field....I'm hooked!

V. VanderYacht(1/1/2010)

I went on my first jump on May 17, from 13,500 ft with Kelly and it was the best thing I have ever done! After reading the waiver I thought I had a made a huge mistake, as I contemplated my own death, but as soon as Kelly gave our lesson, I felt nothing but excitement and complete confidence that I would survive the day. I appreciated him going through all the equipment in detail so that we understood how many precautions are actually taken to keep everyone alive and safe. All the instructors were amazingly friendly, experienced and professional. I trusted their skill and knowledge completely and knew that they wanted to give us the best experience possible. And they did!

It was such a fun atmosphere as we waited for our plane that any nervousness just seemed to go away. As we took off in the plane and made our way to 13.500 ft, Kelly pointed out mountains and lakes and joked around the entire time, making me almost forget I was about to jump out and fall really fast towards the ground. The actual jump was incredible, a feeling I can't even begin to describe. It was so exhilarating that I couldn't stop smiling for days. Just as wonderful as falling at terminal velocity for thousands of feet and soaring around with the parachute is landing safely on the ground.

I definitely plan to jump again one day and bring friends so that I can share the experience!

Thanks Skydive Snohomish!!! You guys are amazing!

L. Hulphers(1/1/2010)

This note of appreciation is a bit late, however the incredible tandem skydiving experience remains very current in our minds and foremost in terms of recent adventures. About a month ago, I made the call to Skydive Snohomish to inquire about a tandem jump for my son and I. From that very first conversation to the last, "thanks and good-bye," it was obvious that Skydive Snohomish is a first rate organization, with a strong customer orientation and a bent towards safety. Special thanks to the office staff for getting us through the weather delays and out in the evening because they knew it would be tough for us to re-schedule. In addition, special thanks and gratitude out to Todd my tandem "coach" and Kelly, my son's tandem "coach". Their calm and confident demeanor, years of experience and knowledge, sense of humor and attention to detail certainly put my mind at ease. Thanks to these guys, fear was not a factor that afternoon.... fun was! Looking forward to a return trip.

P. Betka(1/1/2010)

Skydive Snohomish,

Thank you for making my first skydive an incredible and unforgettable experience! Aimee told great stories about her life as a Tandem Instructor while your staff got our group suited up. Her energy and laughter put all of us at ease. I was paired up to jump with Jordan and I couldn't have been happier. His confidence and professionalism turned my nerves into excitement as we began our climb in the sky. Before I knew it, we were ready to jump at 13,000 feet. Jordan repeated the instructions that I'd learned in orientation and off we went into the sky. The 60 second free fall was an adrenaline rush like I've never felt before. After Jordan pulled the parachute, I felt like a bird taking a peaceful tour through the sky. As soon as we touched the ground, I wished I were floating through the sky again.

I know that my skydive adventure wouldn't have been as enjoyable if it weren't for Skydive Snohomish. It is clear that your company's passion is giving people the opportunity to experience the Ultimate Freedom. Thank you for making this a day I will never forget!

H. Decker(1/1/2010)

My husband surprised me with skydiving for my 33rd birthday- I could not believe it! We had talked about it before, but suddenly it was really going to happen- and two of our brave good friends were going to go too! Weather set us back for a few weeks which was gut wrenching- but finally the day came and I could not stop smiling! Kelly was my tandem instructor, my husband was strapped to Vlad, while Sonya and Todd did a great job with our friends, Sarah and John! We all felt very confident getting ready even with all the joking and lighthearted play- they know this is serious and you do too, but the only way to get through your nerves is to crack you up! They clearly love what they do- their enthusiasm is contagious and suddenly you are pumped up and freaking out at the same time! I never really questioned my safety, but after reading the waiver (very first thing) it brings up scenarios in your mind, that you never even thought of- so feeling confident just before the jump is a must, when you have signed away your life to these knowledgeable and hilarious instructors!

We had such a great time, it can hardly be described! We sprung for the extra height and video documentation of the event, both well worth the extra money- especially since we watch (and laugh & cry at) this video repeatedly. They did a great job with the pre-jump content, to the editing and everything! I must say that I am automatically in a better mood for the rest of the day after watching this adventure- I have not stopped smiling yet! Dont turn to Prozac- just go skydiving with Skydive Snohomish, and get it on DVD! It will seriously change your perspective!

We will definitely jump again- especially with Skydive Snohomish! Thanks for the best birthday ever!!

J. Thomas(1/1/2010)

WOW! If any one is hesitant about skydiving, the people at Skydive Snohomish will be the ones to turn that around! All of the staff were so friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable and excited. From the time I walked in the door to the time I walked out, it was like hanging out with a bunch of old buddies. The preparation was thorough and fun and I really felt as though I was ready to jump out of a plane! Todd, who was my tandem partner, was so much fun and really made the experience special. I've already recommended Skydive Snohomish to all of my friends. It was an amazing, liberating experience that I think everyone should partake in. Thank you so much to all of you who made that day so amazing. I will definitely be back!

L. Nugent(1/1/2010)

I am just emailing to rave about the grand time I had on Saturday at Skydive Snohomish. I had initially signed up for the static line jump but chickened out and did the tandem instead. I however went through all the training for the static line jump. Todd was my (fabulous) instructor. He very thoroughly covered all the material we needed to know and kept us engaged with his awesome sense of humor. I did the actual tandem jump with Aimee who was absolutely phenomenal! Her enthusiasm was truly contagious and we got along like clockwork. I felt very reassured that I was in safe hands with Aimee, especially given all her years of experience skydiving. And lest I forget, Colin also did a wonderful job letting us know what to expect during his 30 min tandem jump prep session - he has such great energy. You have a truly amazing cadre of individuals who genuinely love what they do and make the skydiving experience all the more memorable.

Thanks so much for the wild experience!

E. Nkyekyer(1/1/2010)

AMAZING! Absolutely the most incredible experience I could have asked for! I just jumped for my second time yesterday and had an excellent time AGAIN! Actually, it was even more fun the second time. I was a lot more relaxed and able to take in more of the experience. I'm planning to do it again before summer is over...maybe even get certified.

I chose Skydive Snohomish because after researching all of my options for a skydiving company in the Puget Sound area, I found that Skydive Snohomish seemed to be the most professional and put together. I figured, if I was going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, I wanted to use the best! It was important to me that I trust the people I was going to jump with. Skydive Snohomish seemed to fit that role and I was definitely not disappointed. All the staff was extremely friendly and the pre-jump class helped put me at ease by showing what to expect before going through with the jump.

I highly recommend paying the nominal additional fee for the extra altitude. The free fall was my favorite part and it's twice as long with the extra altitude. I also recommend having a video made. It's an awesome way to show friends and family what you did and a great way to look back and remember later on.

Special thanks to Vlad and Spotty, my two tandem instructors. Both are very personable and made for a fun time before, during and after the jump. Also thanks to Tyson who helped coordinate the scheduling for the two groups.

R. Winter(1/1/2010)

My friend and I put on our courageous shoes and took a tandem skydive in September for my 40th birthday .... what a ride!

We were fortunate enough to have fabulous instructors who really knew what they were doing, calmed our nerves and made the experience even more unforgettable than it already could be. Kelly and Matan were fantastic, as was the gentleman who gave us our pre-dive instructions.

Sonya and I were pumped from the get-go by the great attitudes everyone there at Skydive Snohomish from the folks at check-in to the great video maestro (thanks ever SO much for capturing it so expertly) and the editing of it at the end. Everyone was in such great moods, helpful, and excited for us.

Since this was my second dive (even though my first was a decade ago), Kelly suggested something a little different and fun going out of the plane and we did a sit-dive, which was pretty spectacular, even though my pictures are proof that I didn't hold my position very well. Oh well, that's what next time is for, right?! It was awesome!

It made for an EXCEPTIONAL birthday for me - we can't wait to come back again and are planning it already!

M. Fisher(1/1/2010)

This letter is to compliment and thank all of the staff for both Skydive Snohomish and Harvey Airfield. They were courteous and friendly throughout the entire time I spent with them. From the initial phone contact to make the reservation to the awarding of my certificate after the jump, they always had a smile on their face and had me smiling as well.

The organization of the entire experience was well done. At no time did I feel unsure of the staff or see disorganization. Every one performed their task nicely.

I first would like to compliment Michelle for her personable greeting, warm smile and friendly demeanor when I arrived. Right from the start she made me comfortable about hurling my body out of a plane at 13,000 feet. Also I would like to thank her for the conversation while I awaited my flight. Too few organizations fail to supply the personal touches she provided. She is a true asset to Skydive Snohomish.

The second person I had the pleasure of meeting was Adrian a.k.a Spotty. Spotty was quite funny and informative at the same time. I felt his pre-flight instruction was just what I needed as I felt prepared and ready afterward. He was positive and humorous despite the gravity of the subject. Thank you Spotty for my pre-flight briefing.

Maybe two or three minutes after the pre-flight meeting broke, I met up with Mike my instructor. Mike greeted me with a smile, enthusiasm, and assertive handshake. He helped me get my jumpsuit, sized me a cap and goggles, and then I was pleasantly surprised by the fact he hung out with me. We got to know each other a bit, he introduced me to other jumpers, and answered all of my questions without hesitation or reservation.

I booked this event as a birthday gift for my mother. From what I saw, she too received great care and received a similar experience. I was also able to meet her instructor, Shawn, as well. He too greeted her warmly and was attentive.

As I looked around it was a visual concert being played around me. The parachute packers, instructors, front desk staff, and pilot all were confident and fluid in action. Even the unicyclist, skateboarder, and miniature bike rider proved to me everything was going to plan as these diversions displayed a relaxed environment. At no time did I feel any of the staff were tense due to lack of confidence. Everywhere I looked smiles and good times were being had by all.

I had, in my mind before arriving, perceived the skydiving experience to be one of a factory-line format. Get you checked-in, suit you up, get you up, you jump, then you go home. The actual experience was so much better! It was because of Michelle, Mike, Spotty, Shawn, and rest of the Skydive Snohomish staff that the experience was so enjoyable. It is because of the superb customer service they provided, the way I was treated and my mother was treated, Ill herald the praises of Skydive Snohomish and the gratifying fun achieved through sky diving with Skydive Snohomish. Thank you Skydive Snohomish and Harvey Airfield.

E. Pratt(1/1/2010)

Just wanted to let you know how great my experience was today skydiving at your facility. The lead and tandem instructors made me feel relaxed about my dive. They treated me as an individual rather than another number in their skydiving statistics. You have a credible, organized, well-run company - much better than any other facility that I have dealt with previously. Keep up the fantastic work!

A. Brutico(1/1/2010)

I wanted to quickly write and thank the crew at Skydive Snohomish at Harvey Field for the wonderful experience for my first time skydiving. The basic instruction class before the jump helped to put at ease any concerns I had with jumping and the safety of the equipment. He took the time to explain how the equipment worked and the fail-safes built into the system.

My instructor, Aimee, was ridiculously awesome! She was great from start to finish of the jump. My wife, who did not jump but watched from the spectator area, loved her as well. Aimee's excitement level matched my own excitement for my first jump and truly made it a memorable experience. Thanks to the experience I had with Aimee and Skydive Snohomish, I know I will find myself jumping again at Harvey Field!

Thanks once again for a lifetime experience! I have attached a picture from the jump!

J. Thien(1/1/2010)

Skydiving this past Saturday was simply top notch and felt amazingly safe! I was introducing my best friend from New Zealand to the incredible feeling that comes from tandem skydiving. In order to experience that feeling you have to have professionals that can deliver while keeping safety number 1. I have jumped several times both here in the US and New Zealand, Vlad and Todd were 2 of the best to be sure.

Vlad, you totally rocked my world on the ground and in flight!! Your personality completely fits the sport, I will remember you and your skills for a long time to come. I will be requesting you for every jump I schedule with Skydive Snohomish, thank you for such a perfect day really!

Todd, my friend Brendan had an amazing time! He now will look to jump again sometime in the future back home in New Zealand. Thank you for making his first time jump unforgettable! He has already shared the dvd with family and friends!

To all those involved in making that day so special for my friend and I, thank you from the bottom of my heart, the memories are priceless! The dvd purchase is always a must and really reflects the whole experience in all the smiles show throughout the filming. Here's wishing you all the best and a lifetime of safe experiences to share with all who come your way!


R. Hanna(1/1/2010)

It sounds clich, but my experience on Saturday was truly life-altering! It awakened my senses, and made me feel invincible. From the time I walked in the front door, until the time I pulled away from the air park, I was in a state of exhilaration. And, I still can't help but grin and giggle every time I think back on the day.

Although the jump itself stole the show, the experience as a whole would have been significantly less memorable if wasn't for my tandem master, Kelly Craig. What a stand-up guy: skilled, professional, outgoing, engaging, and most importantly, he put my worried mind at ease. I had no idea what to expect going into this situation, and Skydive Snohomish truly delivered! I will no doubt be a returning customer.

So, if you're reading the testimonials to determine should I? Shouldn't I? Go for it! You won't be disappointed.

Thanks to Skydive Snohomish for making my 33rd birthday the most memorable to date!

K. Corey(1/1/2010)

I went on my first skydive today and had a better time than I could possibly have imagined - easily the coolest thing I have EVER done! There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the view was outstanding. Aimee was my instructor and she did an excellent job. She made it so easy to relax and have a good time despite the fact that I was preparing to hurdle myself out of a plane at 13,000 feet. Truly, she was awesome. I am so glad I chose Snohomish Skydive for my first jump! And my 2nd. And my 3rd. And my 4th...

Thanks again! What an amazing experience!

A. Everett(1/1/2010)

An old joke points out, If at first you dont succeed, Skydiving probably isnt your thing.

There is clearly some truth to this. However you don't need to jump out of a plane, and successfully deploy your parachute, on your first try all by yourself. You can head to Skydive Snohomish, and partner up with a seasoned pro.

My tandem Skydive at Skydive Snohomish was awesome! The staff was professional, fun and helped with a world class experience.

Check out my page for complete description of my jump, images and video footage.


K. Ramble(1/1/2010)

This experience was great right from start with the way I was treated the day I booked the adventure! I then called to confirm reservations the day before the dive, and had a reassuring and inspiring conversation with Ashley.

Everything was smooth and timely the day of the jump, and Kelly did a phenomenal job of setting a positive tone in our training session. Then I met I met my best friend for the day, Vladimir! His energy was outstanding and I felt very good about having him as my instructor. We had good times from getting suited, to the plane ride, to the descent, and on through the landing. What was quite extraordinary was that Vladimir seemed to have as much fun as me! Many shouts of joy during the freefall! He also did a great job of capturing video footage that allows me to relive this wonderful experience over and over again!

Also, my compliments to the video editing department. The video is great and so is the music! This video has already been witnessed by many of my family members and friends, and they are all finding it to be inspiring. I will absolutely be a voice for Skydive Snohomish, and will encourage folks to get out and enjoy this magical experience. I thank you all and I will definitely be back! Who knows, maybe even a solo adventure one day, but for now I'll stick with my man Vladimir!

G. Fulton(1/1/2010)

Last week I took the static line class and jumped out of an airplane for my first time. It was AWESOME! I thought the class was a great. It covered everything I needed to know to make me feel comfortable jumping. I was really impressed with the instructor, Sonya. She was not only increadibly beautiful and nice, she was a great teacher - she explained everything clearly, answered all my questions, and had such a calm composure I wasn't nervous at all (ok maybe a little bit). The jump was great. I went for the mile-high option - definitely worth it. Between the training and the guy on the radio I had no problem making a soft landing next to the X. Thanks!

J. Williams(1/1/2010)

I had so much fun last week, that I had to come back for more. I did 2 tandem jumps. 1 with Aimee, and 1 with Colin, on Saturday.

Again, the experience was incredible and I am looking forward to getting my A-license.

I. Silence(1/1/2010)

Outstanding experience from top to bottom. Gorgeous clear day after a foggy morning that threatened to postpone the jump. Professional yet funny and engaging ground instruction from Gui. Cool jump suits and leather helmets. Incredible plane ride to 13,000 feet with views from Mount St. Helens to the Canadian Rockies. Then when it was time to go, it went really fast. Gui was my Tandem Master (and my new best friend) and I had total confidence in him - I was excited, not scared to jump out of that plane. The freefall was exhilarating, with an added bonus. I was the last out of the plane so could look down and see the other chutes opening. I saw my son, Jason freefalling and then - bloop - that beautiful red, white and blue chute billowed up, followed five seconds later by the tug of mine opening. More great sight seeing as we floated down to a pinpoint landing. This was my Christmas present to my son and it took me until September to make good on it because I got cold feet for a bit along the way. Thankfully courage and joie de vivre returned and I am so glad that we shared that experience together. I have three daughters, so they are next in line to share a jump with their mom. Thanks for your professional, friendly, attentive style that made this such a great experience for this 55 year old!

S. McDonald(1/1/2010)

Thank you for the wonderful experience. I did my first ever jump with Mike this past weekend in the most beautiful weather! Honestly, Mike was the best tandem buddy ever. He was able to read me and my fears and turn them around to make the experience thrilling. He was patient, funny, calming, exciting, and WHEN I go again, I want it to be with him. Seriously, I could not have had this experience without him by my side.

I've always been afraid of heights and never thought in a million years I'd skydive. But I also like to overcome fears I have, so I chose to skydive. While up in the air and gripping his hands so tight they turned from pink to white, I asked him how he rationalized jumping if he, too, had a fear of heights. "It's not about the height," he said. And he was right. You're so far in the sky, it truly is like looking in the sky from an airplane window. It's a mind-sport way more than a physical one.

I thought skydiving would be all about the intensity, but there's serenity, too, which doesn't get talked about nearly enough. Besides the pulse-pounding fear, theres a calm fulfillment you get like no other experience. Mike made me open my eyes and look out, and I thank him for that. The free-fall was exhilarating, of course, and I begrudgingly admit that the extra altitude is worth it!

It's in my system now. I'm craving it. And I will be back for more ...

S. Haas(1/1/2010)

My first skydive was great. It was clear and sunny morning at Harvey Field. Kelly was our jump instructor and he gave us 3 rules, the first of which was to have fun. I forget what the other 2 rules were, but I followed the first one pretty well.

We got into our jump gear and loaded into the airplane. There was no in-flight movie, but we didn't need one with a beautiful view of the Cascades, Puget Sound, Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker and St. Helens.

When we got to the jump height, Kelly, who was also my tandem instructor, scooted us to the door. No time to think. Just relax and let gravity do the work. After 60 seconds of 120 mph, face-flapping freefall, the chute deployed and pulled us into a quiet floating view of the world. Kelly steered the chute around, and I tried it some too. Before I knew it, we were coming in for a landing on the grass at Harvey Field and we scooted to a stop. (Oh yeah, pull up your legs for landing. I think that was one of the other rules.)

Skydiving is as easy as falling off a log. The only difference is that the log is thousands of feet in the air. Kelly and the other tandem instructors were encouraging, great guys. In fact, the whole staff was positive and friendly. Thanks for a great time.

M. Knickerbocker(1/1/2010)

I've talked about jumping for years, knowing that I would never do it because of my extreme fear of heights. Well, I have some "friends" who for my 60th birthday in December gave me a gift certificate for a skydive. Oh my gosh...that meant that I actually had to go through with my dream. I couldn't let my friends down, could I?

From my first phone call to schedule my day to the day of the jump, I had such a great experience, you can't imagine. The person I spoke to on the phone, very nicely explained how I would have a much better experience if I upgraded to the extra altitude option. So of course I did...why not go for the gold? (Boy am I glad she suggested the extra altitude!)

The day of the skydive came all too soon. When I scheduled it, the date seemed a long way out...then suddenly it was here. The day dawned beautiful, blue skies and few clouds. DRAT. I had planned a party that was to begin after my experience so we could celebrate the fact that I actually did it. And my party guests all showed up at Harvey Field to witness.

After signing my life away, I met my tandem partner, Matan. Was he ever amazing. He video taped our entire jump. Now that may not sound so difficult, but imagine this...a terrified 60 year old jumping at 13,000 feet, and he had to control me, the video camera, the free fall, the parachute and the landing. I can't even take a video on solid land....

At any rate, my jump was one of the best things I ever did. Once out of the plane, there was nothing to be terrified of. It was just a few minutes of solid pleasure. I have my tandem partner to thank for making it such a success. SO THANK YOU!!!!

Then along with the great jump, Matan had to edit the video . He spent extra time editing it so that I would have it to show my party guests. It is a fantastic video! I will always cherish the time I spent at Harvey Field, and I will always have the video to enjoy. I want to thank all involved and especially my tandem partner, Matan, for a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!!!!

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.

J. Cotton(1/1/2010)

Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome and breathtaking experience. Special thanks to Vladimir for my training. He made it as easy as possible, in my opinion. You guys have such a relaxed yet professional setting to train, and every member of the staff was so helpful. Like I told Vald as he made a perfect landing back at the drop zone, "You just made a student!"

I look forward to my next jump and continuing with my progessive training. Thanks again Skydive Snohomish! What a memory.


R. Oster(1/1/2010)

I had a great time! The entire staff was friendly and helpful and did their best to make sure that our entire group really enjoyed the experience. Luke was the greatest! He took the time to make sure I was relaxed and having fun from when we first loaded the airplane to touch down and getting out of the equipment. I'm already looking forward to my next opportunity to jump again.

A. Hein(1/1/2010)

Hey! I just wanted to email you to tell you that my skydive was the most thrilling experience of my life! This wasn't the first time for me, but compared to my experience in New Zealand, I was very impressed at how nice and fun the Skydive Snohomish's staff was! Vlad even let me pull my own rip cord and allowed me to steer the parachute! I am very excited for my next skydive with you guys and am looking forward to earning my license with you too!! Thanks again for an incredible experience! What a stress reliever for a long work week!

A. Woodward(1/1/2010)

I cannot even begin to tell you what a wonderful experience we had on Saturday! Now, almost 72 hours later, we are STILL recalling what we agree was the thrill of a lifetime.

Our most sincere thank you to our instructors Kelly, Vladimir, and especially Gui for making us feel perfectly comfortable about our first-ever jump. Gui's guidance the week before made us feel encouraged about making the jump and confident about the equipment. A full week later we were more energized, enthusiastic and excited about the trip than we were the Saturday before.

From my very first interaction with Helen over the phone, to my voice mail exchange with Tyson, to my phone call to reschedule with C.J., everyone we met was professional, friendly and took the time to explain the process in a patient and thoughtful manner.

For my part, I found Vladimir's expertise calming and his sense of humor entertaining. We bragged about our weekend to our co-workers all Monday long and took time on Monday to watch Colin's, Paula's, and my video Monday night. We spent three hours watching, rewinding, discussing and re-watching each video. The music was wonderful and the editing terrific your efforts to capture the moment were completely appreciated!

Thank you once again for taking the time and effort to make our big day a life-changing experience!

D. Slote(1/1/2010)

I just wanted to let you guys know how much fun my husband and I had on his dive on Sunday.

Joe had instructor Matan, who was one of the funniest people we have met. He was very laid back, which took the stress away and made us all enjoy the experience. I would like to encourage all who dive to get the video. It is a great reminder of all the people we met and of the wonderful experience we had.

Thanks for all you did and do.

K. Ghilarducci(1/1/2010)

Thank you so much for such an amazing skydiving experience! On September 4th, my friend and I took our first (but certainly not last) tandem jumps, with the help of the wonderful Jeff and Vlad! They were so helpful and encouraging, while maintaining a calmness that only helped to ensure our confidence in our decision to skydive. Vlad and Jeff made us laugh, which helped to ease our nervousness, providing a relaxed environment for us to experience what proved to be, one of the best in our lives to date.

I paid for the extra altitude (totally worth it), and I loved every second of my freefall! It goes by so quickly, and I only wish we could go higher to have more "air time." Vlad let me steer the parachute, which was exhilarating! The minute we hit the ground, I wanted to jump back in the plane and go up again! I truly felt on top of the world and that I could conquer anything! Even now, over a week later, whenever I think about jumping out of the plane and the air hitting my face, I get the biggest smile, inside and out. It is like a very exciting secret, and I hope my memories of my first jump never fade! I cannot wait to go again, and while it may prove to be an expensive hobby, it is certainly worth it!

I will see you again soon!

Thank you so much!

M. Clark(1/1/2010)

I had a blast skydiving at Harvey field. Instructor Matan made my jump great. As soon as he brought the camera out, the film was rolling, and we had a blast. Truly a memorable experience! I recommend the video to any first time jumpers. I've watched it over and over with my friends and family, and laugh every time at the spectacle we made of each other. Thanks, Skydive Snohomish.


G. Langlais(1/1/2010)

Last Saturday was one of the most memorable events of my life. My cousin and I decided to try tandem skydiving. If any one moment could define what I want to feel like for the rest of my life, that would be it. It was unreal!! Man, when that door opened, I felt as though my heart was going to leap out of my chest. And when I got to step out on the step, I looked down at the world below and knew right then this would change my life. During my freefall, I pondered how long it would take to hit the earth if my chute didn't open. Then I wondered how I would feel knowing I was going to die. As I took in the beauty before my eyes, I knew that if it came to that, I'd die happy. Then the parachute opened. Of course, my first reaction was to want to go back to the plane and do it again.

My entire experience was an ineffable splendor. There are no words to describe such separation from the world. It was pure bliss. It wouldn't have happened without Todd, who was my dive partner. He was hilarious and really made the experience unforgettable. He didn't do much to calm my nerves but that made it all the more intense. And he shoots a killer video. The editing made it though. It brought my Mom and Granny to tears. Personally, I laugh every time I watch it.

I am completely addicted to skydiving and look forward to my next dive. I have already recommended Skydive Snohomish to all of my friends. I even told my dentist! Thank you for the most exhilarating experience I could have asked for. It exceeded every expectation I had and then some.

A. Lewis(1/1/2010)

I want to thank you guys for the most riveting experience of my life! July 13th marks the date of my first jump but it surely wont be my last! Taking that first step out of the plane is hands down the craziest, most electrifying moment that really made me feel alive. However there is one problem, as soon as I hit the ground I wanted to go right back up and do it again and again and again! It's addictive!

I loved every moment of the experience. From being able to call your office and always having all my questions answered by nice, educated people, to the day of the jump having the joy of meeting the Skydive Snohomish employees who have the uncanny ability to make jumping out of a plane seem as if it's a natural occurrence! To having Jeff, who's ravishingly handsome, as my instructor and tandem partner to help calm my nerves. You guys are hilarious, warming, inviting and professional. Thank you all for that! It was an amazing experience that I got to share with my brother and you guys made it so easy and fun!

K. Valenti(1/1/2010)

My experience was awesome...every second. The staff was so enthusiastic and encouraging. Kelly was my instructor and I can't say enough positive about him. He made me feel that we were there to have the experience of a lifetime and that he was making sure it went off well. My feet no more than hit the ground and I was ready to go do it again. I love my video and am so glad I spent the extra money to get it. I'm telling everybody Snohomish is the place to go! Thanks again for an amazing experience!

A. Arnold(1/1/2010)

I had the privilege of doing a tandem skydive on May 24th at Harvey Field with Skydive Snohomish. My instructor, Kelly, was experienced, confident and made it fun. The entire company made this first time jumper feel extremely comfortable knowing that I was jumping with a first class organization. Everything was smooth and it was evident that this is a very well run company. I would recommend Skydive Snohomish to anybody that is at all interested or intrigued by skydiving.

J. Polk(1/1/2010)

Last Sunday was one of the most memorable days of my life my first skydive. I honestly did not know what to expect; but everyone at Skydive Snohomish made the experience very memorable. The staff was informative, friendly, and most importantly reassuring of my desire to skydive. I felt at complete ease during the whole process. After my first jump, I could think of nothing else than, When can I do this again?!

More specifically, I really appreciated two staff members: Vladimir and Kelly. Vladimir introduced us to the process, and was certain to inject his passion and sense of humor into his speech. Kelly was my dive partner. He asked me how I wanted my first jump to be; and let me have as much or as little control as I wanted. He was also conscientious of my own energy level, and made me all the more excited! Everyone was knowledgeable, witty, and easy to talk to.

Consequently, Ive drank the Kool-Aid when it comes to Skydiving. I know that when Im ready to go again, Ill think of no other place than Skydive Snohomish. Thanks, everyone!

D. Rother(1/1/2010)

I am not a super emotional and wordy person, but that experience was awesome! The whole thing, from when my friend Jen called to invite me with an infectious excitement, to walking in and having the very helpful front desk walk us through our beginning steps of signing up and signing our lives away. They were all very upbeat and positive. Next was Spotty, who was our teacher, he expertly dealt with our questions and many outbursts (some from excitement and some worry). I was paired up with Gui; who earlier had been helping my Boyfriend out by answering questions and pointing him to the right places to stand and take pictures to answering questions about him skydiving one day (he seemed to talk a person with a major fear of heights and a need to be very safe into this) .

Once paired up each of our personal tandem instructors seemed very suited for each of us. I appreciated Gui's attention to detail, attention to me, eye contact, and positive as well as funny demeanor. He was great from suiting me up, boarding the plane, sitting and teaching in the plane, and then the jump. He made it feel seamless, like a long fluid movement. Seamless even with a first time jumper who was not exactly graceful, but very appreciative that it did not seem to make a difference. He made up for what I lacked and together it was a great time, I will certainly do it again. Hopefully soon. Thanks to all the Staff, all were wonderful that day!

A. Davis(1/1/2010)

My wife (Deb) and I just wanted to express how fabulous our first jump was. Deb has wanted to do this for many years and finally talked me into it. She has always dreamed about jumping from a perfectly good working airplane and I have always questioned why. I guess as you get older things like this don't seem as thrilling, and one always questions getting hurt, insanity, mid-life crisis and who will take care of the kids if anything happens?

Several months ago at our kids annual school auction Deb asked if she could bid on a tandem skydive for two and I agreed. And guess whatwe were the highest bidder. After several attempts to schedule our jump we were denied by the wondering Pacific Northwest weather. Two weeks ago we came in to start the process by filling out all the paperwork. I have to admit, by far that is the hardest part of the whole process. I especially enjoyed reading the part about "you may die". That was reassuring. Although that did not stop us from rescheduling the jump for this past Saturday. Which happens to be two days before my birthday and a little less than a month before Deb's birthday. So this turned out to be a great birthday adventure for the both of us. Deb was partnered with tandem instructor Kelly and I was with Bryan. Both of them were just fabulous and made the entire experience fun. However, I do have to admit the level of anxiety I was feeling hanging outside the plane door was at an all time high regardless of the calming sense I got from both Bryan and Kelly. My initially reaction was "are you kidding me?" But that didn't stop Bryan from nudging me out on the ledge, and I was first up. And then it was time to jump out!

And about all I can say is WOW!! I have to admit this feeling of freefalling and then gliding was better than I had ever imaged it to be. The weather was perfect with little cloud cover and it was so serene and the view was magnificent! Deb was not far behind us with Kelly, and I could hear her screaming with excitement. I knew she was having a great time.

We are so glad to have chosen to jump here in Snohomish where the landscape was absolutely astonishing. We could see all the mountains clearly and the horizon was just amazing. In many ways we were both just totally amazed at how peaceful our jump was. And landing was as gentle as a feather. Our children watched the video and just thought we were so cool. And we don't hear that much about us being "cool" anymore from them.

Both Deb and I can't wait to do it again, and there is a good chance we can do it with our kids. In closing I just want to say Skydive Snohomish, Kelly and Bryan made our experience one that we will remember for a very long time. We thank them and I know we will see you again!

M. Perry(1/1/2010)

Skydiving with Skydive Snohomish is an experience I highly recommend to anyone and everyone! I just went for my first tandem skydive this past weekend, and it was beautiful! I went with 5 coworkers and all of us had plenty of stories to tell at work on Monday.

I had heard stories about skydiving from friends and coworkers before I went, but nothing could have prepared me what was in store. I was extremely nervousand that is putting it mildlybut I didn't feel scared at all because the staff at Skydive Snohomish was so positive and supportive. The class we took at the beginning was brief but informative and even a little fun. Vladimir was our instructor for the class and his #1 rule was to smile and have fun. So as long as you follow that rule, you can't go wrong!

Our group of 6 was split up into two smaller groups and each group of three went up with a few experienced divers. My tandem instructor was ToddHeaven sent! He could probably tell that I was nervous and accordingly repeated the process of jumping.and fallinga number of times while we were in the plane which was very reassuring. He and couple of the other instructors were making jokes and kept us all chatting until we reached 13,000 ft. so they never gave us a chance to freak out.

The wild free fall was followed by a roller coaster parachute ride and finally a serene float down to the green fields of the airport. Well, it's really indescribable. You will just have to go experience it all for yourself. It was a blast! Thank you so much Todd, Vladimir, and everyone else at Skydive Snohomish. I will be back!

M. Mawer(1/1/2010)

I want to start by saying thank you to the entire staff. You made my entire experience enjoyable. I also would like to send a special thank you to Kelly. He really made me feel at ease. He was my instructor. He understood that it was my first time to ever jump, but more importantly it was my first time ever on a plane. He made it fun and exciting. I really fed into his energy. My husband bought this adventure for me, and I wasn't sure at first that I wanted to do it but me being the adventurist type I decided to just go with it. I jumped on September 10. The weather was great. We saw Seattle, Mt. Baker, and Mt. Rainier. Kelly was great and he pointed out all the interesting sites. I have inserted pictures to show the wonderful time that we had.

I am looking forward to the next time I am able to jump. It was so much fun I really enjoyed myself.

Thank you so much!

S. Wheaton(1/1/2010)

I think the grin is finally wearing off my face. Sunday was close to the most fun I have ever had, and I have had a fulfilling life to date, at age 33! I wanted to skydive before I turned 30 but, became pregnant. Trip postponed. On Sunday, I was finally able to fulfill a dream I have had forever, "flying". Vladimir made my experience the best. He is so encouraging and put up with my crazy comments and entirely too much screaming. At one point, he was trying to show me where my home was located and I asked him if he was done, he said, "Yes." I then asked if I could start screaming again and he said, "Go ahead," so I did. What a guy. I just loved him!

This was what I sent to everyone I know, the evening after my dive:

"Today was an amazing day. I had a blast. We went to Skydive Snohomish where we took a plane up to 14,000 feet. The scenery was beautiful. After leaving the plane, we had a little over 60 seconds of free fall at 120 mph. I think actually leaving the plane was the most intimidating, but even that was fun. It was the biggest rush EVER! We then had an 8 minute canopy ride to the ground where, yes, I landed on my feet. I saw Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier, Seattle, Bellevue, etc. I also saw our old home on Flowing Lake and our current home on 9th Street. It was so amazing. I'm definitely going again, I just have to figure out when."

Thanks for this awesome experience. Even my two kids and husband enjoyed watching me. I WILL be back, I promise!

P. Johnson(1/1/2010)

What an exhilarating life experience! Even though I've had several friends tell me about their skydiving experiences, I never thought I would ever skydive. It was never even on my list of life experiences I wanted to have.

What changed my mind?

Soon, I'll be moving to live and work in Tokyo, Japan for several years. I feel with this move I'm already making a leap, facing fears and unknowns, trusting the universe and hoping for a wonderful experience, as I try to land on my feet. Linny, whom I work with, has encouraged me on several occasions to try skydiving. With this Japan move, it occurred to me perhaps the time is right. Now, I can make an "actual" leap and face all the same elements. And, that I did!

While I was quite nervous at first, Matt, my tandem partner, was perfect in everything he did. From the time we first met, his sense of humor put me at ease. His instructions were straightforward and reassuring. As we flew up, he kept checking to see how I was doing and again made sure I understood my instructions, while double checking the equipment. When it was time to make the leap and in my momentary lapse of what I was to do, Matt gently reminded me. And, then, we were off!

As we were falling/floating, I knew Matt was right there with me, checking in on how I was doing and feeling. And, again, he explained what was going to happen next. For a first time jump, I couldn't have asked for a smoother jump or a better partner. Matt so made my experience a truly wonderful one. Thank you so much, Matt!

Since doing this jump, I've been asked "would I do it again?" My answer, "Absolutely!" For someone who's not a thrill seeker and never thought in a million years of doing a skydive, I would highly encourage anyone to try this activity. It's not just about jumping out of a perfectly good plane. It's about feeling alive and facing one's fears head on.

Now, as I go off to Japan, no matter what awaits me, I know I'll be perfectly fine. Thank you for such an amazing experience, which I will always remember wherever I happen to be in the world!!

Wow what an amazing experience at Skydive Snohomish. Let me tell you what a great time I had last week. This was my first skydive ever and I was a little nervous. I was greeted very nicely and helped by "Jillian" at the front desk who answered all my questions and concerns in a very professional and charming way. I started to feel more relaxed from there.

We had a full class that day and I was scheduled on the 6th flight up which was the last of the day. I got to see everyone go up a LITTLE scared and come down with a HUGE SMILE. When it was my turn to go up I met my instructor "Kelly." He was a great guy with lots of enthusiasm and high energy which I love being around. The most nervous I was the whole time was climbing to altitude in the plane. Every 2 or 3 minutes I kept looking out the plane window and thinking...wow were getting up there. Kelly kept me entertained and pumped up for the 13,000ft jump we were getting close to doing. After they opened the door and the wind hit my face...I knew it was time. Kelly and I were the last out of the plane so I got to see how everyone left the aircraft. Sitting on the edge of the aircraft looking down at 13k...made me really ready to do it. From there it was the most exciting 60 seconds of my life...WHAT A VIEW! After the canopy was open Kelly let me steer our way back down to Harvey Airfield.

Afterward I told Kelly I would return again and again and would definitely recommend them to all I know. "Sonya" took care of me from there and edited the optional video I got with some great music. The video is a must in my opinion. I've watched it about 50 times and still get excited to see it.

My first skydive at Skydive Snohomish was the scariest thing I have ever done...but I did it with a HUGE SMILE from beginning to end and will definitely be back for more. Thanks everyone for the great time!

J. Gerlitz(1/1/2010)

I recently had my first skydive in August. I have to say that it was one of the best times I have ever had. My instructor was Gui, and he really did a great job letting me know everything about what was going on and what to do. In addition, he was the one who shot my video, which turned out great! All the different things he did and had me do in the video made it so that I relive the great experience each time I watch it. Everyone who has watched it had great things to say about the whole video. After posting it to my website and showing it off, I think I have a few more converts.

Thanks again to your staff for making this a very memorable experience. Because of that, I have already scheduled another group of 10 to jump in September. I know that the entire group will have just as good of an experience.

Cheers and happy divin! See you again in September.

J. Smith(1/1/2010)

Thank you so much for the amazing experience on Saturday. I never dreamed I would ever be able to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Almost everyone in my family is afraid of heights so naturally I grew up with a slight fear of heights also. I wanted to skydive as a final test to see if I had gotten over my fear of heights. I'm done living in fear. I feel that skydiving also symbolizes the fact that I'm finally free. This is the final send off to my old life. I know can do anything now. It was really an amazing experience and totally life changing.

The staff was what really made the experience so wonderful, especially Todd and Bill. Their enthusiasm and excitement that they put into my jump gave me the euphoric feeling that this was the first time they had shared their passion of skydiving with someone else. I have re-played this whole experience over and over in my mind and now know that when I put my mind to something, I can accomplish it and come out a more evolved self.

Thank you again for this wonderful memory.

K. Borland(1/1/2010)

Skydiving foremost was the most phenomenal, invigorating, breathtaking moment of my life. The best part of the experience was fulfilling my husband's desire to skydive.

After not seeing each other for 8 months I wanted to plan the best two week vacation for him before he had to return to Iraq to complete is 18 month duty of serving our country. So I surprised him with a skydive for our 1st wedding anniversary gift. The day started by telling him a lie that we were taking a trip to the Snohomish farmers market, when in fact I had planned a trip for the two of us to skydive. He had no clue that I had even planned it!! But the moment I turned into the airfield he turned to me and said, "Honey I think you made a wrong turn.this doesn't look like the farmers market?!?" I turned to him and said we're not going to the farmers market we are going skydiving! He was so overly excited to go! His face lit up and he was so eager to make the jump!! The moment I parked the car, our heart rates skyrocketed! I think that they even went higher when we were signing the consent form! After the training course and suiting up, the fun began and there was no turning back!

As we boarded the plane and proceeded to take off there was nothing but the biggest grin on his face, it was truly priceless to see! I have never seen him so ecstatic. We loved the scenic view from the plane and we both knew that the view would be even more incredible when we took the jump! As we scooted toward the door my nerves were trembling and before you knew it you were falling so fast! The view of the water and never-ending country land was astonishing. Once the parachute opened the spins and easy gliding were enough to make anyone feel untouchable. Once we landed our thoughts were "LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!!" It was truly the most amazing thing we had ever done in our lives, and the best part was being able to share the excitement together! We plan on making a trip every year to the airfield for our wedding anniversary!

Thank you so much Kelly and Shawn for letting Kyle and I experience this incredible day together!

I. Wilson(1/1/2010)

Last Sunday was my 18th birthday! Of course, turning 18 opens up a whole new world of adventures one can do, including skydiving, which I happen to be lucky enough to experience. I remember coming to Harvey Airfield as a kid with my dad and watching the skydivers glide down to the landing zone, then turning to my dad and begging him to let me go. Well, I'm glad I waiting because otherwise I doubt I would have had such a blast with the Skydive Snohomish Team! You walk in the door and it automatically feels like home. Everyone is smiling and talking to one another, and I was greeted immediately by a nice young woman who took me to a seating area. I read the papers, signed them and then my instructor, Gui, showed up and told us everything we needed to know. He was very clear and specific with his instructions, yet he also cracked hilarious jokes to lighten the mood, since it was obvious that some of us were nervous. Not me of course. We got a tour of the plane we were soon to be jumping out of, got to talk to some of the other experienced jumpers, and also got to relate to the other newcomers in our group because it was all of our first times. My first expectations for the class was that it was going to be long and boring, but I was completely wrong. They made it quick and easy to understand. I was soon introduced to the man I was jumping with, Kelly. Next thing I knew, I was putting on that sexy blue jumpsuit over my clothes, Kelly was strapping me into a harness and we were walking out to the plane! I cannot thank Kelly enough for making my skydive video interesting and one of a kind. He included a little interview of my dad and I before we got in the plane, and also video taped my friends and family who came to watch and support me. He got shots of us walking to the plane, getting in and even the take-off. He included all the information I wanted, without me having to say anything. It included, how high we were jumping from, how I was feeling at the moment, and he also added some great and absolutely hilarious commentary himself, which made the video that much better. Kelly made my experience so wonderful that WHEN, not if, I go back again to go on a tandem skydive, I am requesting to jump with him again. As we reached 8,000 feet, I felt myself being scooted closer and closer to the edge as I watched the others jump out. It was my turn, and as I felt my butt leave the plane, the most thrilling and exhilerating feeling came over me. The freefall was an ultimate rush, and then once the 'chute was pulled, the world became quiet and peaceful. Kelly gave me such a feeling of comfort, and excitement so the only thing I was thinking of on my way down was "wow, that plane needs to land so I can get back in and jump again!" I could see all the mountains around me, and cars and houses below me, it was an amazing sight. After that, Kelly told me to lift my feet and we landed like it was no big deal. Soon after that my dad landed also and we started walking back to the skydive hut. We got undressed, our video was ready in a matter of 15 minutes and I was free to leave and brag to all my friends and family about how I was a skydiver, thanks to the people at Skydive Snohomish. It has been one day, and I have already recommended tons of people and am planning my next trip up to Harvey Airfield!

Thank you Skydive Snohomish!

H. Kelly(1/1/2010)

I experienced my first ever tandem skydiving jump on Sunday. From the moment I walked in to the moment my legs touched the ground, my experience at Skydive Snohomish was very memorable. It was so fun, I'm anxious to do it again real soon! I want to thank Gui for making my experience so easy and I never once hesitated about jumping with him. I trusted him that I would come out of this alive! My video turned out great and I have watched it several times already! Thanks again for such a great experience!

A. Osias(1/1/2010)

I WENT SKYDIVING! (It's still hard to believe we did it!)

We went last Sunday and I'm still high from the experience when I tell everyone!

My son wanted to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday with skydiving and although I'd always wanted to float down with a parachute, the idea of having to jump out of a "perfectly good plane" always prevented me from taking that next step.

Jumping from the plane was easy with the tandem partner, the free fall was exhilarating, the parachute opening was very gentle and the landing was soft. It was fun spinning and trying my hand at steering. Words just can't express the view and total experience. I want all my friends to try this now.

Four moms and their kids took that leap of faith and we all had the greatest experience. We're already talking about the next jump! Kelly was my tandem partner and he was awesome and made it so much fun. Bill did a great job on the video and pictures. I wanted to always remember the experience because I thought it would only happen once. Next time will be even better!

Thank you Skydive Snohomish!

D. Galle(1/1/2010)

Just wanted to thank you all for a fantastic first dive experience. My friends loved the video you took during the dive- it was very professionally edited. Special thanks to Jordan for making it such a fun and stress free experience. Looking forward to diving with you folks again.


D. Haldar(1/1/2010)

I jumped yesterday with Sonya and had an amazing experience! All of the staff members and instructors made me feel so comfortable and safe. Everyone was extremely professional and friendly. I would 100% recommend Skydive Snohomish to anyone considering skydiving! Thank you so much for an amazing experience.

K. Gaston(1/1/2010)

Kudos to Skydive Snohomish and especially Kelly Craig for an incredible experience during my first skydive! To celebrate the big five-oh I decided to throw myself out of a perfectly good airplane...Kelly was my tandem instructor and I'm very impressed by his energy and passion and good nature! He made a great experience even better. We were the last ones out at 13000ft and I have to admit I felt a bit uneasy as we dangled our feet out the door and then flung ourselves into space! FREEFALL! What a RUSH! I was overwhelmed until Kelly got my attention and pointed out the plane, which we just exited, diving earthward and then he steered us with my arms. Then the chute opened and talk about serenity! Just writing about it makes me want to schedule my next skydive...Thanks everyone! I'll be back!

N. Valich(1/1/2010)

Fun, fun, fun! I'd like to thank you for a wonderful experience. Being the first time for me, I didn't know what to expect. A little fearful going in, your staff helped so much in coaching and calming the anxiety I felt. I especially want to thank Kelly and Vladimir for helping calm my fears and become relaxed so that I could enjoy the experience. Your staff is very professional and courteous and I would recomend anyone considering jumping to go with you. Going from someone who thought "Why leave a perfectly good airplane?" to someone who can't wait for the next jump, is something few people who know me would have guessed. I am now trying to talk my brothers into going with me so that they too can experience the incredable excitement of freefall. Kelly was an excellent coach and instructor. He communicated with me the entire way, during the plane ride and the jump to help me fully experience the moment. Thanks again man! Can't wait to go again. See you soon I hope.

L. Nelson(1/1/2010)

December 5th was just above freezing and stunningly clear. Finally, it was the hole in the weather for which wed been waiting several weeks. However, as we descended into the valley, we descended into fog and thought we may have lost what could have been our last chance to skydive. My best friend, Jeff and I have been brothers since we met 35 years ago. Jeff has ALS which is also known as Lou Gehrigs Disease. A year ago he was walking; now he gets around in a wheelchair. Jeff was concerned that if we delayed the jump any longer he may never be able to do it.

Nevertheless, this story has a gloriously happy ending. By 1:00 the fog burned off and we were on our way. Jeff was going to jump with Vladimir; I was going to jump with Aimee. Kelly was Jeffs personal videographer/photographer. Through it all, Skydive Snohomish was fantastic. Four of your staff lifted Jeff into the plane, Vladimir treated Jeff like family (the good kind), and Kelly went way out of his way to give Jeff a full record of his adventure (including free falling backward to capture Jeffs face from below). Jeff had a wonderful time. Hes going to be talking about it for a long time to come. You guys know the details and the rush so Im not going to recount that. Instead, Im writing this to give you a giant THANK YOU for the way you welcomed Jeff, for figuring out a way to make it happen, and for treating him like a close friend. The jump was the icing on an adventure hell never forget. Thanks!

D. Vidmar

On January 10th, I had been visiting a very close friend of mine and we felt like doing something extraordinary. My friend Nathan got the brilliant idea to skydive. Skydive Snohomish was an amazing place. Even just seeing the outside with all the planes and people parachuting overhead gave me a rush of adrenalin. Our tandem instructors were very helpful and fun. Aimee was my instructor. She explained everything thoroughly and cracked tons of jokes at my friend's instructor, Kelly (It happened to be Kelly's birthday that day, and we were all happy to be a part of it for him). Taking off was exhilarating!! I just LOVE lift off and it made everything so real. Once we reached the drop point my entire body was tingling with excitement. I looked out the door at 8000 feet and was completely awe stricken. We jumped. Did a barrel roll. Arched and leveled out. Words cannot even begin to describe this ultimate feeling of freedom. Nothing was around us. Just air and only a parachute to prevent a terrible destruction.

To think, that not long ago people were never able to do this and I was part of a very small population throughout the entire world to even do something so daring.. Aimee pulled the parachute and we jolted and slowly floated down. I could see everything! Mount Rainier was in a breathtaking clear view. The scenery was gorgeous with mountains, fields, and forests. At touchdown, though I could not see myself, I knew I had a huge smile plastered across my face. When I met back up with my friend we were both ecstatic and couldn't get over the feat we had just performed. It's truly something neither of us will ever forget. I would be thrilled beyond belief if in the near future when I go to visit Nathan again, we could go skydiving again, because I know from experience that once you've gone you've got to go again!!! Thank you Aimee and Kelly for a great time!! I look forward to doing it again. Thank you for your time.

T. Tierney(1/1/2010)

This was my first time skydiving ever, and the experience was the one of the most memorable up to this point in my life. The staff was awesome and extremely professional. As soon as I came up to the front desk, I had complete confidence in this establishment.

We were suited up by Vladamir, who also acted as our professional photographer for the day. My tandem partner was Todd, who was the best partner money can buy. At no point after meeting him, to peering out the door of the plane did I have any hesitation. He was a fantastic guide and a wealth of knowledge about the sport. I will most definitely skydive again with this company. The staff is incredible and the experience amazing.

M. Friedrich(1/1/2010)

As a mother of four and grandmother of one...I have to say this TOPS any of my personal experiences, with exception of an obvious few!

I have wanted to skydive since I was quite young and finally, with a little encouragement from a friend (and a picture of him soaring through the sky), I signed up. From the minute I signed up, everyone at Skydive Snohomish was a great help, one regret is that I do not know all your names, as a "Thank You" goes out to all - from the front desk to the back office putting together videos and pix on disc (who was wonderful young woman).

Kelly was my instructor and I could not have asked for a better first skydiving experience...he was great and saw to it that I had the experience I was looking for! I was confident, comfortable and in EXTREME AWE from the moment I arrived at the drop zone to the moment of our absolutely perfect landing (as seen, of course, through the eyes of a novice)!

Bill was the videographer and too added to the PURE JOY and enthusiasm of the experience. I purchased the video and cannot imagine not having it to share and enjoy.

It has changed my perspective a bit and definitely is NOT a ONCE IN A LIFETIME event! As you can see from the attached picture, I was having the time of my life... that silly grin did not leave my face until sometime on Tuesday!

Thank you, Kelly and Bill and everyone at Skydive Snohomish! I LOVED IT and I STRONGLY suspect I will be back for MORE!

K. Arena(1/1/2010)

Well, what can I say? My first skydive ever at Skydive Snohomish was NUTS!!! It truly was the most scary and exhilarating experience that I have ever had! I have been telling everyone I know about my experience and I can't stop talking about it. I would like to mention that you guys did a fantastic job of making me and my friends feel at home. Every individual that I spoke with was so kind, friendly, and easy to talk to. All my questions were answered and it seemed like everyone working there really enjoyed their job. Jordan was my instructor and he did an excellent job of making me feel safe and comfortable. Considering the fact that we jumped out at 13,000 ft, and when the door opened I pretty much almost crapped my pants, he still made me feel safe.

Anyway, I just want you guys to know that if I could give you a grade, it would easily be an A+!! I don't know how my experience could have been any better and this is a memory that my friends and I will remember for the rest of our lives.

N. Lehman(1/1/2010)

Thank you for making my first skydive such an amazing and unforgettable experience. I had been planning the trip for about six months, and was quite worried about how the Birthday Boy would like his gift. The staff at Skydive Snohomish made me feel extremely comfortable from the time I walked into the office, from the time I walked out with my skydive certificate. Without the great staff working for Skydive Snohomish, each of our experiences would not have been nearly as fantastic as they were.

The girls at the front desk were extremely personable and knowledgeable. They quickly started us out with our paperwork and helped us understand the process we would be going though. Zack had a great amount of enthusiasm and kindness, which helped me to feel comforted as I was getting geared up and ready to jump out of the plane. My instructor Kelly was one of the most amazing people I have ever met! He had a perfect balance of good humor while being comforting as well.

Due to the wonderful staff, I felt ready and comfortable about the thought of jumping out of the plane. I have never felt something so natural and amazing as I did when freefalling. After my day at Skydive Snohomish I am definitely planning on coming back and visiting again.

I do however have one suggestion. I believe there needs to be an area in the paperwork that you initial which explains how addictive skydiving is, and once you begin you may not be able to stop. It does not matter the will power you think you may haveit does not apply to skydiving.

R. Juhala(1/1/2010)

Do This! I was so lucky to have Jordon as my instructor. His enthusiasm was contagious and transformed any trepidation I may have had into eager excitement. Everyone at Skydive Snohomish (pilots, instructors, desk staff, video production specialists) are professionals. This allows complete confidence in their operation. When I got home, I immediately scheduled another jump. Again, I would like to thank Jordon for his help and guidance in this life-changing experience. See you all at Skydive Snohomish.

Greg Fisher(1/1/2010)

My fear wasn't of dying (I can honestly say that I trusted Bryan the second I met him) and I was excited about falling, I think it's just the unexpected that kept me on edge.

I wasn't scared until Bryan told me to hang my legs out of the plane, as we were 13,000 feet in the air. It's like I was sitting on the edge of a swimming pool (as a lifeguard and swimming instructor I've done that a zillion times) only this pool was REALLY, REALLY deep! Bryan was in my right ear, as he rocked us back and forth, "HERE WE GO!" I DID NOT, I repeat DID NOT look down. I was looking straight at the horizon and actually heard a voice in my head say, "I will never do this again." (Before we got on the plane my boyfriend was talking about "the next time we jump.") That was in the first 0.4 seconds of the jump. By 0.6 seconds I was looking down and yelling with uncontrollable excitement! What an incredible sensation! I wasn't scared at all; somehow, all of the sudden I was the smallest thing in the world (I forgot for a few seconds that Bryan was even there) and I felt completely safe. I was surprised by how much time I had to just look around and take everything in.

Once the parachute was pulled, Bryan was quick to make sure I was feeling okay and everything was where it should be. All I felt was pure awe and amazement. Everyone should see the world from here. It's beautiful, clean and perfect. It warms your heart and makes you feel alive. Under parachute it was quiet enough to have things and areas pointed out to me. I was allowed to "take the reigns" and steer the parachute a little bit. It was really fun to have that control for a minute.

Our landing was surprisingly smooth. All I wanted to do was get unattached, jump up and down and hug Bryan! That was awesome!

There were two extremes of fun in my jump: the excitement of the free fall and the calm beauty of falling with the parachute open. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. It's been all I can talk about since the jump. My boyfriend (who jumped out of the same plane) and I decided we would jump every year around that same time. The most amazing experience! And I really want to thank your staff. Mostly I'd like to thank Bryan for the great experience. I've said it several times, but that feeling of safety when you are doing something so extreme makes the difference. I appreciate you very much.

I have spoken with a lot of people who have said that they don't like planes and they are afraid of heightswell, me too! I've told them, as far as the jump: you're just going to have to do it. No question. As far as the falling feeling goes: you don't feel like you're falling, there's nothing for you to fall past so it's more of a floating (with a lot of air) sensation. It's something you may never get to do again. This life is short and unexpected. Do something that makes you feel alive. The most incredible thing I may ever do.

M. Konsack(1/1/2010)

Incredible, awe-struck, flabbergasted, breath-taking, just plain cool! There are not enough adjectives to explain the experience I had yesterday afternoon with Skydive Snohomish!

I enjoy taking some fun risks and have dealt with different companies for different activities. I hadn't had any skydiving experience before yesterday so I was a little nervous about what to expect, but in other ventures had been disappointed by the companies that I had to deal with.

Skydive Snohomish and their entire staff repeatedly exceeded my expectations! Starting with the staff at the counter checking my wife and I in. They were prompt, courteous, and very friendly. Spotty gave us the pre-jump instructions, and was eager to answer any questions and his enthusiasm for skydiving made my wife and I feel very relaxed and anxious to board the plane.

By the time it was our turn to harness up, I was getting the adrenaline flowing and was introduced to the person I would be jumping tandem with. It was Todd. Todd was extremely personable and his description of what it would be like from once we got on the plane until we landed was spot-on! His clear instructions and demeanor made for a perfect skydive! His 12 years of skydiving and his personality kept me very at ease and wanting to jump again! My wife's instructor was Bryan and she was also impressed by his knowledge and expertise that provided her with a memorable experience.

I think the main word that comes to mind as I reflect back on yesterday is professionalism. Skydive Snohomish, in my mind, takes great pride in providing awesome customer service and really wants to get people interested in doing something not just once, but to continue to pursue skydiving with the same passion as the people that work there. I will definitely be coming back, hopefully to go after my certification and get to be one of the people that rode up with us and get to skydive solo!

Thanks again for letting us spend a few hours with you! I can't think of a better place to enjoy the company of great people and get to do something that very few ever experience! My wife and I are grateful!

T. Nino(1/1/2010)

I'd just like to take this opportunity to tell everyone at Skydive Snohomish what an awesome time we had tandem skydiving. My name is J. Boice and I work at KVOS TV 12 in Bellingham. I've been a cameraman and editor there for the last 18 years and I've shot a lot of wild things, from ballooning over Ferndale, to river rafting down the Skagit, to paragliding off of Grouse mountain.

All of these experiences pale when compared to my experience skydiving with you! Every time I watch the fantastic video that Bill Kelly and Kelly Craig shot, I can still feel that rush at the moment we fell out of the plane and were hurtling towards the earth at 130 mph while watching the plane we just left nose diving away to pick up more thrill seekers.

I'm 53 years old and have always wanted to do this at some point in my life, so when Kim Russell who works with me at KVOS said she'd done a lot of research and found a place with great qualifications and reviews, I was excited to see how her jump went.

After watching her video, I was convinced it would be a fun experience and judging by the smile on her face, not that scary. I immediately booked a flight for myself and two more as birthday presents for my daughter and son-in-law. When the day came, your staff did everything to make us comfortable from the preflight class to letting me dub the footage to my camera so I could edit a piece for our morning "Newsview" show.

I couldn't say enough good things about my tandem instructor Vladimir Ursachii. His calming nature made me feel at ease and really helped with my first-dive nerves. He always told me when everything that was going to happen, including the nap he was going to take on the flight up. I'll never forget his "Rule #1-Have FUN!"

I would especially like to thank Bill Kelly. He is such a professional who has a real gift for composing shots (video & still) and his relaxed way of interviewing my family and I, was not only humorous but really told the story in an entertaining way. He seemed to be enjoying it as much as me!

Also I appreciate the speed at which your editor, Sonya, put your version of the video together. By the time we downed a burger and a couple beers, she was handing it to us. Now that's service!

Once again, thanks for the life-changing thrill!

J. Boice(1/1/2010)

Skydive Snohomish you guys are AWESOME!! I jumped in June with Brian, and went screaming the entire way out of the plane. My 2nd jump was much better (July), I jumped with Vlad. My 3rd tandem was in August, again with Vlad. All three of my jumps were INCREDIBLE!! And I can't wait to jump more!!

My 3rd jump I rounded up a group of 9 of my friends. For Chris and I it was both our third tandem. For the other 8 it was their first time. No sooner had they landed but they were asking when they could all jump again!! The staff at Skydive Snohomish is always friendly and helpful, making sure that every last one of my friends had a safe but thrilling experience that they will NEVER FORGET!

Also, Bill the photos and video are INCREDIBLE! Thanks! I've only watched it about 25 times in the past 24 hours! They capture a memory of a wonderful day I never want to forget.

Thank you again Skydive Snohomish. I look forward to many more jumps and bringing many more friends to enjoy this crazy awesome experience!

L. McLean(1/1/2010)

I cannot believe the rush I got from jumping out of a plane at 13k feet! It was the CRAZIEST FUN I've ever had!

At the same time I never felt I was in any real danger because of the great staff especially Bryan who was my tandem partner. I'll be back!

Thank you for the best time of my life! And to Bill who will always help me remember it. I'm so glad I paid a little extra for the video to help me relive it until I can make it back.

T. Bellamy(1/1/2010)

As someone who loves to try new things, this was one of the most if not THE most amazing experiences I have ever had. Though incredibly nervous, the staff made my jump concern free. I felt safe and knew the dive would go well because of my instructor Spotty. The whole experience was a huge rush and I will definitely be jumping again.

A. Smith(1/1/2010)

Wow! What an experience we had for our 5 year wedding anniversary!! After revealing the surprise I set up for my hubby, the palms became sweaty and our cardio perfusion rate doubled. Nothing can truly describe the feeling dropping out of a plane at 13,500 feet above the earth and flying down at 130mph, exposing yourself to the elements and trusting your jump buddy. Adrian and Bryan were awesome, even when Adrian had troubles undoing our seat belt before we tossed ourselves into the wind. I think we were able to gain a bit more altitude when we circled around trying to free ourselves! The whole experience was insanely awesome. Definitely the craziest thing I have experienced over alpine climbing, back country skiing and riding my motorcycle at 120mph! I would love to do it again!

Thanks again for a memorable 5 yr wedding anniversary. One we will never forget!!

D. Vognild(1/1/2010)

To Vladimir, Kelly, and Shawn,

I wanted to thank all of you for making our first skydive such a success. My brother and sister and I had been wanting to jump for months, but all our anticipation didn't even come close to the reality. All of you went a long way to making everything just *fun*.

I especially want to thank Vlad, for not being too serious, and for keeping me from panicking. I was terrified in the plane and during the jump, but, thanks to your humor and your professionalism, I was never *worried*. Thank you again!

A. Cole(1/1/2010)

Life is full of surprises, and I have always encouraged the thrill in life. When my friend told me about skydiving, I looked it up online and decided it would be the perfect 3 month anniversary present for my friend and I. I've always wanted to feel free. Thanks to Kelly, Shawn, and Spotty, my friend and I got to experience life in a whole new atmosphere. Beyond height and the butterflies in your stomach before a roller coaster ride, skydiving gives the word "thrill" a whole new meaning. I've always wanted to know what it was like to be Superman. They say that man can't fly...I can tell you that is a lie. It was exhilarating. Welcome to a whole new world.

K. Wenzel(1/1/2010)

Awesome! I told all my friends and family that skydiving was something I just wanted to try once, but from the moment my feet touched the grass I knew I would have to do it again. My tandem leap from 13,000 feet was hands down one of the best experiences of my life! Nothing compares to the surreal feeling of surrendering yourself to the sky and soaring through the air completely free. Considering I have a small fear of heights, I couldn't believe how at peace I felt the whole time, enjoying the fantastic views of Mt. Baker and the San Juan Islands. A big thanks to Bryan (my tandem instructor) for so patiently explaining every step to me so that I could relax and enjoy the whole experience and to Skydive Snohomish for keeping things very professional, but fun. After the jump, I was on such a high I couldn't stop smiling!

C. Jorgenson(1/1/2010)

Today I took the trip of a lifetime at age 53, and I have included a picture attached to prove it. My three children purchased the trip for me for Mother's Day. Wow, what a gift, the best gift I may ever receive, next to the birth of my children and grandchild. My daughter and I arrived at Skydive Snohomish at 2:30pm and were received by two delightful women at the front desk who explained the paperwork (not bad at all), answered many questions, and prepared us for our training by Vladimir!

Vlad was relaxed, confident, and fun. He immediately put all at ease as he explained what to expect and reminded us many times that he would take great care of us. Even moments before jumping out of the airplane Vlad reminded me about what to expect and what to do. The plane ride was fun and full of laughter with Vlad as my tandem partner, Shawn as my daughter's partner. Rachel was well cared for by Sean and given a great jump. I had purchased a video shoot with Tom, my daughter also purchased a video shoot with Kelly. Tom and Kelly entertained and interviewed us before, during, and after the jump. They helped keep us loose and relaxed. THEN THE MOVE TO THE DOOR!

Vladimir and I slid to the door, he was talking me through everything so I had no time at all to be nervous. With a wave to my daughter Rachel, a smile to the camera, we went out the door. From the second we left the plane I couldn't wipe the smile from my face. I was laughing in delight. The freefall was exhilarating...no need for aerobic workout my heart was pumping and I felt alive. I gave a few loud whoops, and laughed all the way down. I couldn't feel Vladimir during the freefall but knew he was there guiding me. Tom, the camera man, was right there shooting still shots of our jump and it was fun hamming it up for the camera. Vlad gave me the thumbs up and pulled the cord. Immediately it became quiet, peaceful, I watched Tom fall away from us, and Vlad gave me a short course on steering. I was able to go left, right, and slow way down practicing for the landing. The view was completely amazing. I could see Seattle, mountains all around, local lakes, Puget Sound and MY DAUGHTER, all were beautiful! We were able to steer close enough that Rachel was able to take my picture mid air. About that time our camera men rushed ahead to take our pictures when we landed. After a slow descent I got into landing position with Vlad encouraging me. I was a bit concerned about how tough the landing would be and I didn't need to be concerned; it was as soft as slowly sitting on my bed!

Hours later all I could think about was going back up! I told everyone I saw...I don't think I will wait for another "GIFT" jump, I will have to go on my own. I will watch my video in years to come and be reminded of MY TRIP OF A LIFETIME.

Thank you all, especially Vladimir and Shawn that brought my daughter and I great joy and fun.

V. Rummel(1/1/2010)

In August I went skydiving for the first time in my life with my best friend Patrick, and thanks to you guys, we even lived to talk about it. We were both absolutely terrified to begin with, and then we had to sign the "if you die, it's not our fault" contract, talking about how if our instructor forgets to, oh let's say, strap on a parachute, it's not their fault. I really want to thank Vlad though, he really helped to put us at ease about the whole thing with his almost carefree attitude during our training course - that really helped. So Patrick and I were the first to go up, and the higher we got, the more nervous we both got. I told Shawn, who was my tandem partner, that if I cried, I was really sorry. I had to jump first, and I thought we'd sit in the door of the plane for a second, look at the scenery, and then jump, but Shawn wasted no time at all and we were out of that door so fast, I just about peed myself. And we started out upside down, which I wasn't expecting at all - I just about died. I'm sending pictures along with this, and my face is completely ridiculous in that one. The weird part of the whole experience was that once I was in the air, I felt completely safe - all the worries I had were gone, and I just got to enjoy the entire ride down.

Shawn really helped to make my experience great because he was doing little tricks with the parachute after it had opened, and he even helped me bring my camera, and I got some incredible shots. It was absolutely the best experience I've ever had, and I just really wanted to thank you all. After college - once I'm done being dirt poor - I'm going to try to get licensed, because this is a sport I would love to be a part of. Shawn and Vlad - who was Patrick's tandem partner - really helped to make this an incredible experience, and I wanted to let you know that I'll be back there to jump again as soon as I can! You guys are great!

J. Snyder(1/1/2010)

I went skydiving in July with my friends. None of us had ever been, so we were all very, very nervous.

Surprisingly, I found myself being less and less nervous throughout, thanks to your super friendly staff! The plane ride was very smooth, and we started jumping off of the plane so I didn't have time to get too nervous again! My tandem instructor was Shawn and he was really good at pointing the gorgeous views during the fall. I didn't expect that to happen since he has so many customers a day. I really appreciated that from him.

So, thank you for the lovely, amazing experience! I'm glad I bought the video of my fall. It's hilarious! I really liked the choice of music on the DVD too. Good job, Shaun! I will definitely be back.

J. Patel(1/1/2010)

In July I jumped out of an airplane! Most people who know me would never believe it!

My instructor was Gui. He was great! I wasn't nervous or scared. In fact, we got up to the 13,000 feet and I couldn't stop laughing. I was excited and didn't know what to expect really. So he asked me if I wanted to do back flips - after a pause, I answered Sure - so out we went, head first doing back flips. This was the best part about the experience. I can't even put it into words how exhilarating it was! After the back flips I decided to breathe! Then we free fell for what felt like an hour, only it was about a minute! When the parachute opened I screamed - mostly because of excitement - I still wasn't scared or worried. I felt at total loss for words.

This experience has really changed my life. I feel like I have a stronger spiritual faith now. I turned my life completely over to a higher power when we were falling! It felt great! I feel happier now, and like the little things don't get to me as much. Life is meant to be lived and it's not doing me good to get so stressed out! So I want to thank you for the wonderful experience. I feel very fortunate to have had this great gift of falling out of the sky.

J. Ziba(1/1/2010)

Wow! What a rush! A skydive is something I have wanted to do for a long time but wasn't sure I could because I have a fear of heights. It is interesting what your friends can talk you into. My friend, Ken, and I jumped on Saturday, in honor of his 50th birthday.

Shawn made the experience something I will never forget and he was very conscientious. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Next time is going to be more of a WILD ride. Thanks for making my day!!

T. Jacobs(1/1/2010)

THANKS for making my 50th birthday one that I'll never forget!!! I had a blast jumping with Vladimir and can't wait to it again. You guys run a "class act" and deserve a lot of credit for helping to make Snohomish the wonderful little town that it is. Thanks again!

K. Heinle(1/1/2010)

I just want to say that I had an amazing experience and I would do it again in a heart beat. I did the tandem skydive with Tommy in July and he was a great instructor. I was nervous at the beginning knowing that pretty soon I would be jumping out of a plane 13,000 feet up in the sky but he made me feel more comfortable and he reassured me that it's not that bad. After the dive I was ready to go do it again. The adrenaline rush is so breath taking that words cant even describe the feeling! I for sure will come back and hopefully I can request to skydive with Tommy again.

V. Novy(1/1/2010)

I wanted to write a quick note to let you know my recent skydive in July with Vlad was amazing. I chose to have a film done and it was so worth it. Kelly (videographer) works well with the tandem instructors. I always thought in-air interaction was for the pros but Kelly and Vlad are so good at what they do that Kelly was able to come in close for some great pictures. I would describe it as a tea party going a 120mph. It was also my birthday and Vlad was nice to slow the parachute part down and sing Happy Birthday. Overall I had an amazing time and want to thank those guys.

A. Brookes(1/1/2010)

Last Saturday my husband and I returned to Skydive Snohomish for our second tandem jumps from 13,000ft. Our first time was incredible, and this time was even better! I was paired with Gui for my most recent jump, and had a great time. When he heard that it was my second jump, he immediately suggested some variations on my first experience.

I was totally thrilled to get to exit the plane backwards! What a rush to see the sky, and the ground flying past over and over. Then when we stopped spinning, Gui let me steer us a little. It was amazing to see how much a little twist of the wrist could change things. I even pulled the rip cord!

It was an awesome experience to really get to be involved with the whole process. I'm happy to say I'm officially hooked on skydiving and will definitely be back. Now I've just got to figure out how I'm going to pay for my certification training.

A big thank you to everyone at Skydive Snohomish for providing me with an outstanding experience and the best weekend stories in the office! Keep up the good work and we'll see you soon!

S. Weeldreyer(1/1/2010)

Just wanted to express how fabulous my first jump was. I have worked as a flight attendant for the last 14 years and had always dreamed about jumping from cloud to cloud. I had been overwhelmed by fear though on the actuality of doing it until my husband decided it would be a great birthday present for me and a group of friends. We decided on doing a tandem jump which would relieve us of all the responsibility. While we were at it, we decided to go for the longer freefall since it was only an additional $25.

I was partnered up with tandem instructor Tom Phillips who was fabulous. I must admit the level of anxiety was climbing as the plane was approaching altitude, but Tom made me feel comfortable. And then it was time to jump out.

And wow!! It was better then I had ever imaged it to be. It was so peaceful and the view was magnificent! I am so glad to have chosen to jump up here in Snohomish where the landscape was absolutely astonishing. I was amazed at how peaceful our jump was. My daughter, who was also jumping, was about 20 feet from me and we were able to carry on a conversation in low voices because it was so incredibly quiet and serene. And landing was as gentle as a feather.

I can't wait to do it again with the rest of my family and friends. My husband who was too horrified to jump so he just watched, is now willing to try next time because all 9 of us that jumped just raved about the experience and all want to do it again. See you again!!!

C. Hunter(1/1/2010)

Big thanks to Shawn and the rest of the crew for making my long awaited adventure all I thought it would be. Last Saturday will be one of the best days I have ever experienced.

Feeling a little anxious at first it soon disappeared with the humor of Vladimir and my jump partner Shawn. They made me feel safe, secure and relaxed so I could enjoy the excitement of my jump. What a rush! Then the calm and the quiet of just floating and seeing the scenery.

It's not how I thought it would be. Anyone who has thought about doing this, get out there now and enjoy! Don't wait years like I did. It may become too late and you will regret not having the experience.

Thanks again to the crew hope to see you again.

L. Burchell(1/1/2010)

So I was one of those people that never in a million years thought I would ever jump out of a plane on purpose. I am afraid of heights and even thinking about skydiving made my hands sweat. When my girlfriend said she wanted to go for her birthday I about fell over. She had already gone skydiving once before and loved it. I jokingly told her that I would go sometime if she wanted to go again... I never thought she actually would want to do it again! So, she says she wants to go and went as far as putting down a deposit to hold our spots for our jump. I was nervous for the rest of the week leading up to the day of our jump. It was all I could think about... and every time I did think about it I got nervous. I decided that the best way to ease my mind was by watching her skydiving video from her first jump. The night before our jump I popped her video in and watched in amazement (and a little bit of horror) as she and her instructor leaped from the plane and plummeted at terminal velocity towards the earth. On the video she looked like she was having a great time but I wasn't so sure that I was going be able to enjoy skydiving as much as she did. So, honestly, the video didn't really help ease my mind, rather it got me more excited and more scared about actually jumping out of a plane. I dreamt of skydiving in my sleep that night.

So the morning of our jump came and we drove to Harvey Field. We signed the waiver and sat down waiting for our class to start. Believe it or not, the class actually helped calm me down. Our instructor, Shaun, did a great job of telling us what to expect and also helping me relax at the same time. He told us that if we can just relax and enjoy the jump that we would love it and want to do it again. After the class my girlfriend and I waited for our turn to jump.... then it came. Vladimir fitted me with a harness and joked around with me to ease my nerves before we headed for the plane. Once we were in the plane I knew there was no turning back, so I tried to enjoy the beautiful sites of the seemingly all to short lift to altitude. Vladimir did a great job of talking me through the process of the entire jump on the way up and this helped me relax a bit... I was still a little nervous though. Before I knew it we were at altitude and moving towards the door of the plane. This was the scariest part of the entire process for me, sitting on the ledge of a plane, looking at the ground 12,000 feet below my feet, ready to jump and experience the time of my life. Vladimir told me it was time to go and with a gentle push we were out of the plane and free falling toward the earth! It was the most amazing sensation I have ever felt in my life... it doesn't feel like you are falling, rather it feels like you are floating. You are so high up that you can't tell that you are moving in relation to the horizon, it seems as though you are floating 10,000 feet above the eart. Vladimir spun us around in circles to show me all of the sites one last time and then he pulled the cord and opened our chute. Not long after our chute was open he asked if I wanted to steer the parachute. This was a great ride... it was like being on a rollercoaster for five minutes. We had an amazing view from up there and I didn't want the ride to end. Before I knew it we were touching down and I was running over to give my girlfriend the biggest hug ever and tell her that I wanted to go right back up and do it again. So all in all I'm so glad that my girlfriend dragged me to Skydive Snohomish... it was the most exciting thing I have ever done!

Oh, and for those of you who are thinking about doing it for the first time... DO IT! And pay for the extra altitude, it is a small cost for extending the free fall which is by far the best part of the jump!

Hope this helps you decide whether or not you would like to experience the ultimate freedom at Skydive Snohomish.

N. Truscott(1/1/2010)

I experienced the tandem skydive in July. This was my first jump and the best experience of my life. I've wanted to do this for the past 2 years and finally now was the time to go for it. I was surprised to find out that my instructor was Vladimir, so that was very exciting because we could speak in Russian and he had a better understanding why this was such a big deal to me since I didn't tell my parents. He had a similar situation when he first jumped, so it was nice to connect with someone. I loved the freedom you feel during freefall and everything just seemed in slow motion. I couldn't believe why I didn't do this earlier and now I'm in love with it. I would definitely want to jump again and gain more experience until I could one day jump by myself. That's my new goal now. This was a wonderful experience that allowed me to feel the freedom I thought I never could.

S. Gyulnazarian(1/1/2010)

Thanks Skydive Snohomish! For my girlfriends birthday I had us go skydiving. Both of us loved it. Skydiving is truly an amazing feeling. I would recommend it to everyone. Skydive Snohomish instructors like Todd did an excellent job of making new skydivers feel very secure and safe. We cannot wait to go again. And yes, jumping out of an airplane was the best time we've had with our pants on.

E. Pedeferri(1/1/2010)

Absolutely took my breath away, no really - it's difficult to breathe when you are free falling to the earth at 120 to 160 miles towards the earth. Sign me up! When can I go again? The professionalism mixed with humor by Spotty, Mike (the pilot), Elena, and the cool red-haired gal at the desk, Jillian, made me want to spend all my weekends at Harvey Field. Thank you, I'll be back soon!

M. Brisk(1/1/2010)

I FLEW, I FLEW, I FLEW!!! At the age of almost 59 I finally stopped putting off the one thing I have wanted to do all my life. I grew up in Snohomish watching skydivers from our kitchen window and wanted to be one of them. Life took me far from that goal and from Snohomish for many years but I never stopped wondering how it might feel to fly. Now I know.

I had worried that I might be worried and afraid all that day and regret having made the appointment, but was surprised to find myself remarkably calm and even excited - even throughout the entire sign-up and quick lesson process. My jump master, Tom, was the epitome of professionalism. His first question of me was Why did you decide to do this today? to which I answered that I had lost my husband to cancer not so long ago and wanted to feel alive again. His response was Youve come to the right place! And he was so, so right!

I watched Tom closely, checking for any signs of depression or a death wish, since after all, the plan was for us to jump out of an airplane strapped together. It became obvious that not only was he happily married with children, but that part of what keeps him happy was jumping out of airplanes every chance he gets. That was reassuring. Tom helped me with my jump suit and harness I still wasnt afraid! Then we walked with about three other tandem jumper pairs and four solo jumpers to the airplane and now I was getting just a little apprehensive but was still amazed that I also was excited. It felt surreal.

As the plane climbed to almost 14,000 feet (which I whole-heartedly recommend if youre gonna go, go BIG) the mood in the airplane was lighthearted and even a little Zen very calm. When we reached altitude and the plane leveled out and slowed, one of the solo jumpers (all of whom obviously knew what they were doing) lifted the Plexiglas door and I was both thrilled and horrified to see him roll out! And then another, and another, and another all into absolute thin air. It was INSANE! And more insane was the realization that Tom and I were scooting toward the door on our butts because we would be the first of the tandem jumpers to go. It felt like a dream and I was something beyond terrified by then, but thats the point. Jumping out of an airplane is a really, truly, absolutely crazy thing to do! And the scary, uh oh part only lasts a handful of seconds and that just adds to the exhilaration.

Tom had told me that when you first leave the plane it takes some people up to about 15 seconds for their head to catch up with whats happening. One moment we were at the edge- and then we werent! For only a few seconds my primitive brain screamed Accident! Rewind! Do-over! Lets talk about this! and I had to remind myself to breath. Then I became totally calm, went into the belly-first dive position they taught me and tried to absorb every nanno-second of the most incredibly beautiful, liberating and even spiritual moments of my entire life. Tom took my hands and showed me how to turn one way and then another by turning them. I saw the Hood Canal Bridge and Mt. Baker covered with snow and my old high school and the Snohomish River and even the bright orange pumpkins in the fields. We were falling at 120 miles an hour and our free-fall lasted about one full minute. I had anticipated an out-of-body experience but it was the opposite. It was three or four minutes of intense, fully alive, mind-body experience. We floated - WE FLEW!!

As promised, Tom patted my arm at about 5,000 feet to let me know that he was going to open our parachute. The chute slows you down quickly and allows a long, peaceful, calm drift over the beautiful valley. Tom let me fly the chute as well and showed me how to turn. (Your jump master will make your jump as calm or rowdy as you wish.) Our landing was more gentle than some mornings getting out of bed. The moment we touched down I started thinking about when I might do this again. Im hooked. This is addictive. Its better than therapy or any drug out there. I still find myself smiling when I re-live my drop and I anticipate I wont be able to wipe off this silly grin until my next jump, which will be soon. I'm taking lessons and will be one of the solo jumpers!

My advice is: JUST DO IT! Dont wait around for someone to do it with you and dont put it off for work or anything else. Life is too short to have never jumped out of an airplane!

P. Rogers(1/1/2010)

I bought my mother a tandem jump for her birthday a couple of years back and SHE LOVED IT!!! In fact, she loved it so much that she returned the favor in the form of a Skydive Snohomish gift certificate as my college graduation present! We've always been roller coaster and drop-ride enthusiasts and I knew skydiving would top anything I'd experienced before. I was ecstatic! So, on Sunday we drove all the way from South Seattle to Harvey Field in Snohomish so I could finally experience what my mother was still talking about at get-togethers 2 years later.

The staff was super professional, friendly and would have completely put me at ease had I been nervous. There was a short training session beforehand, showing everyone the different positions their bodies should be in at certain points during the jump and explaining how everything would go down. Then we geared up, met our tandem guides, and hopped into the plane. The plane ride up is beautiful, and just long enough to enjoy some scenery and landmarks that the instructor pointed out on the way up. I took the evening class, so the sun was not quite going down, and the lighting was unforgettable.

The initial jump was fabulous, and totally indescribable...it's a truly amazing feeling to be falling like that with no hindrances. Then the chute pops, and it gets so quiet it's unbelievable. My instructor taught me how to steer and gave me the reins, and the rest is just very calm, relaxing gliding down to the target where you land quite softly (the instructor lands with his/her feet and you just follow....very easy).

This was a fantastic experience! I had a great time, thanks guys!

A. Neely(1/1/2010)

Here are my thoughts on my tandem jump at Snohomish. Keep in mind this is my first skydive experience ever.

The scariest part is actually reading and signing the waiver. That thing is crazy. Other than that, the experience was great and felt very safe.

Todd was knowledgeable and well spoken. He taught our group a lot about the equipment, failure rates, and failsafe mechanisms.

I tandemed with Spotty. The actual plane ride up and jump were amazing. I liked everything about it: the moment when you're looking out the plane door, when you initially fall out of the plane, when the chute is pulled and you are doing spins, and the landing was cool too. What a rush. It is very surreal, and definitely a nice break from the desk job.

Overall, skydiving is a great experience and I believe these guys know what their doing. What more do you need to know?

M. Lu(1/1/2010)

This was my second skydive and it was every bit as exciting as the first. The first time, Tom was my tandem instructor and this time Shawn was my instructor. They are both well qualified and very knowledgeable. In fact, I have met much of the staff there at Skydive Snohomish, and I feel comfortable with all the instructors. They are fun, but they are also professionals. They will joke and laugh with you to help ease your anxieties, but they when it comes to your safety, they don't play around.

So far, I've done two higher altitude drops and both have been on amazingly clear days. The view has been breathtaking. In one direction you see Mt. Rainier, then you turn and there's the Sound and the Seattle skyline, turn a bit more and you have the San Juan islands in front of you, continue to turn and Mt. Baker presents itself to you. You have so much fun taking everything in during that 60 second freefall that it seems to be over in less than 20 seconds. Then the parachute opens and depending on your taste, you gently glide down or you go for a rollercoaster ride. I've done a little of both and each has its own reward. The landings are soft and once you touch down, you just want to go back up into the sky and do it all over again.

Thank you to all the staff there at Skydive Snohomish. You've turned me into a skydiver. See you again in August!

C. Scott(1/1/2010)

In July, I finally did my first ever tandem skydive from 13,000 feet!

I have been friends with Casey and Kelly since I was in elementary school. When Dennis (Casey and Kelly's dad) first jumped out of a plane for his 50th birthday, a day or so later both Casey & Kelly went on their first jump. They both became licensed skydivers and Kelly now works at Skydive Snohomish. For six years they both have been trying to get me to jump out of plane. I came up with excuse after excuse, even though I wanted to. Finally on last Sunday I got the nerves up to challenge my fears and jump out of a perfectly good airplane!

The crew at Skydive Snohomish was wonderful! I have nothing but praise to say to each and every one of you. Jillian and the other girls at the front desk were extremely professional every step of the way. They had everything in line and their great attitude did nothing but get me even more excited for the jump. The class instructor was fun and exciting, reminding us constantly to above all have fun and enjoy the experience of life time.

Todd my instructor was beyond great! He told me exactly what was going to happen, what I should do and when. Todd made it seem so easy to place my life in his hands. I trusted Todd with everything! The pilots did a perfect take off and the scenery from the plane trip on a sunny day was wonderful, a pleasant bonus that I really wasn't expecting! The entire trip up 13,000 feet Todd and Kelly were telling me what was going on and letting me know how high we were.

Then the door opened... my nerves shot off like bottle rockets! I'm really gonna do this! Two solo jumpers exited the plane! Oh my word! They just jumped... I'm gonna jump! We moved to the door... Kelly was standing outside filming me... Ready... Set... GO!!!!!!

Unbelievable is all I have to say! Why have I been waiting for so long to do this? It was exciting, nervous, fun, adrenaline filled all at the same time. Unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. The rushing air past me in freefall made me feel like I was flying. Weightless in the air and for that QUICK 60 seconds every hair on my body was standing up and my mind filled a mixture of feelings that just can't be explained! Then the chute pulled, and I was gliding in the air, just like a bird, no noisy jet engines, just the slight breeze of the air flowing by. I was doing turns and spirals and I even got to control the canopy by pulling on the handles myself. Then to top off the whole experience, a landing that was soft as a feather!

All my family and friends were there! I couldn't ask for a better day! I still can't stop smiling and can't wait to get back up there and yet again to... "Jump out of a perfectly good airplane"... hey there is no such thing as a perfectly good airplane, right?

Thank you Skydive Snohomish! I couldn't think of a better place to experience the thrill of a lifetime! I won't recommend anything else but Skydive Snohomish for their first jump to friends and family!

Also I can't stop watching the video that Kelly filmed! It was done very professionally and looks wonderful. I'm afraid I'm gonna burn a hole through it from watching it so much!

Thank you Todd, Thank you Kelly, Thank you Casey, Thank you Everyone!

To achieve the impossible dream, skydive!

J. Humke(1/1/2010)

Thank you for a really memorable experience that my friend, Tracy and I will never forget. How does one describe the intricate horrors and emotions that you go through in a short period of time? We were scared and excited all at the same time! What a life moving experience!! I feel that if I can do this, I can do anything! We want to especially thank Spotty (aka: Adrian, the instructor) who jumped with Tracy. He must have known by taking one look at my friend and knew just what to say and do to keep her from running right back up to the plane. Shawn, my life line, who was most capable of putting me on film and making a memory that was worth every cent. And Kelly, for being in the right place at the right time; without you, our team would have been incomplete.

Thank you, gentlemen, for knowing how to show a couple of ladies a real good time.

M. Delaine(1/1/2010)

I had such an amazing weekend thanks to Skydive Snohomish! I can't get over the fact that I actually jumped off a plane 13000 ft in the air--because of this, I have earned bragging rights with my friends forever! A shout-out goes to Kelly my amazing instructor; everything about the jump with him, from his upbeat personality and sense of humor to the confident way he handled the dive, made the whole experience so much more exciting yet relaxing at the same time! Gui and Vlad, our other instructors, were spectacular as well! I will be sure to tell anyone and everyone about my exhilarating experience with the awesome crew at Skydive Snohomish and let them know you are truly the best!

L. Babak(1/1/2010)

I am writing to tell you about my first sky dive that took place on Saturday. It was the most amazing experience, so much so, that I cant wait to jump again. My family and co-worker, Hank were in attendance, and Hank actually jumped right after I did, making it that much more special. My family was really impressed with everyone that worked at Skydive Snohomish and they felt very comfortable while waiting for me to get back to earth.

I have to give a special thanks to Vladimir as I could not have asked for a better instructor to go tandem diving with. Being that it was my first time, I was understandably nervous. However, Vladimir answered all my questions and talked me through step by step what was going to happen and when. On top of that, he was just an absolute joy to be around.

I would also thank the two ladies behind the front counter. They were very friendly, both on the phone and in-person.

Thank you for the wonderful experience. I will definitely recommend your outfit to my friends and family as well as cherish the DVD that was made of my very first (but not last) jump.

E. Aplin(1/1/2010)

Sunday morning started out just like any other weekend morning for my girlfriend and I on her birthday. We made scrambalicious eggs and pancakes and then waited in line for 3 and 1/2 freakin hours to catch a ferry across the Sound. Up until the ferry ride it was just like any other morning, because I hadn't told her yet that she was about to jump/be pushed out of an airplane soaring at 10,000 ft in the air. After that her worrysome nature was calmed by the staff at Skydive Snohomish. Their Crest-white smiles and off the wall jokes helped her forget all her worries. Our tandem instructors were professional and made the amazing experience the perfect birthday present for my girlfriend. My instructor's name was Jordan and I can't remember my girlfriend's instructor's name, but he was bald and had a funny name that matched his personality (that's a compliment).

We appreciate the great experience, thank you Skydive Snohomish!


A quick comment on my jump yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. I found everyone I had contact with to be helpful, reassuring and professional. I especially want to thank Vladimer for the jump itself. He was friendly and professional; he let me help "guide" the 'chute as we came down, and he got us both down safely! I would recommend him, and your jump center, to anyone. It was a 65th birthday I will enjoy reliving for a long time! Vlad suggested we get together again on my 70th - maybe!

I didn't have a chance to thank the pilot, so please pass this on to him for me.

S. Ellwood(1/1/2010)

I want to thank you all for the most EXCELLENT first-time dives my son Joseph and I experienced Wednesday! Joe went up with Vladimir and I had Todd as my instructor. Each gave us explicit instruction during the entire process with a great sense of humor! We had Joes dive filmed and I am SO glad we did!! The dive was awesome and neither Joe nor I ever felt anything but extreme confidence that we were having the dive of our lives! Todd even landed us on our feet after a jump from 13,000 ft! You cannot believe what an incredible rush this entire experience was for my son and me! I cant wait to do this again! Joes brother Peter comes back from deployment in Novemberwell likely wait until another perfect July daybut we will definitely bring Pete to Skydive Snohomish next summer!

Thank you all for an unforgettable experience! Special thanks to Tiffany, for being so sweet and so knowledgeable, the ground crew for making sure our gear was ready and SAFE,and a special thanks to Todd and Vladimir for their skydiving expertise and fabulous people skills, to keep us at ease to enjoy this experience to the fullest degree!

Heres to the next jump! Be safe and be well!


Want to thank you for the experience of a lifetime. I have always wanted to go Sky Diving and thanks to my daughter who had done it once before and arranging for my 60th birthday present, I go to go and have a wonderful time.

Want to thank Aimee for the fun experience and joy of jumping with her, even though I made her nervous, because I wasnt nervous. I just said I am having the time of my life.

The staff was all very cordial and friendly and professional.

G. Butterfield(1/1/2010)

Thank you for making the dive yesterday so amazing! I felt calm and relaxed the entire way due to the friendliness and professionalism of everyone involved at the Skydive. All the instructions were clear and consistent down to all the small details, so it was the easiest thing to focus on the Fun!

The video had all the right shots and angles. I didn't realise at the time I was going to be part of such a smartly-done movie short! (Flying down at 180 mph, and the guy above is thinking about the right camera angles!) A great video to show-off to people about the most amazing time ever! Thank you Todd!

You made it an unforgettable birthday!

K. Subramanian(1/1/2010)

Amazing. So amazing. Really good customer service, atmosphere, and all around vibe as I signed my life away to jump out of an airplane. Kelly did a great job with our initial instruction, and my tandem diver Gwi helped me through the nervous flight up and we had a great landing. I'm definitely going to do it again.

W. Barthule(1/1/2010)

Just earlier this exact day I did my first skydive at Harvey Field! I just want to let you guys know that I had the best experience ever, you guys made everyone there feel safe to be able to jump out of a plane for kicks. I wanna thank my Tandem Instructor, Todd for taking me up there and making a life changing experience with me, thanks man, and I hope we can go again sometime 'cause I'll definitely be coming back.

K. Pietsch(1/1/2010)

I went skydiving for the first time ever in August, and it was by far the most incredible thing I have ever done! My dad is a skydiver and for three years I watched him jump with jealously. But now that I am finally 18, I was able to experience what he so loves for the first time. However, no movies, no photos, and no words could EVER have prepared me for what I was about to experience!

I was jumping with my mom in celebration of both our birthdays. When we first walked into the building I was extremely nervous, but was immediately reassured that it was good to be nervous and that if I wasn't, that would be concerning! All of the staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was filled with excitement! I met Bill, who would be videotaping my mom's jump, and he was very friendly and the conversation relaxed my nerves, some.

I want to especially thank my tandem instructor Jordan. It was reassuring having someone so calm and sure of himself, that I didn't even think about the things like: were we attached, or was the harness secure, or what if the parachute doesn't open... I only worried about whether or not I would be able to jump out of a plane that was 13,500ft in the air! But once I did, it was comforting to hear Jordan's whoops for joy as I screamed my brains out! It was nice to know that I wasn't the only one out there.

Skydiving helped me to face my fears and just let go! It was incredible and surreal, and as soon as I got over the fact that I just jumped out of an airplane, I wanted to do it again! I hope to become a skydiver like my dad, and I appreciate everyone's support for my first skydive! With hopefully many more to come!

Thanks Skydive Snohomish!

K. Alderson(1/1/2010)

Best thing I have ever done! I'm an extreme sports kind of lady, but skydiving trumps all my other activities. Even if you're not overly adventurous I think everyone should try this at least once. My mother celebrated her divorce with skydiving and I recently had a life changing experience that resulted in my doing all those things I meant to try. Thus far leaping out of a perfectly fine aircraft has been the most exhilarating and rewarding. Spotty is correct when he says that the one thing you will definitely remember is after you jump looking up and seeing the plane as you fall away from it. I've lived in the greater Seattle area for fourteen years and you will never experience the area in the same way anywhere else. All the things you encounter everyday, like the Cascades, cannot be seen in the same manner as when you're flying through the air. Jordan is the best tour guide in the sky. Had I not been 100% pumped about this adventure he would have also put me at ease. He is a convivial individual that just made my jump all the more fun. Your staff was amazingly fun and friendly. They were also highly entertaining while we were waiting for our jump. Very awesome group of people.

I'm in love! I'm sure this will become an addiction very shortly. My roommate that came with me and are already getting into classes at home. There aren't enough words to describe the amazing time I had, one just has to experience it.

K. McCann(1/1/2010)

I just wanted to say that I had the best time ever. My family and I have watched the video about 20 times and we laugh harder each time. But I wanted to share this picture that my sister took after the dive. Vladimir was great! Thank you, Thank you!

S. Thackeray(1/1/2010)

That was one of the most amazing things I've ever done and I can't wait to go again! I went in June, and after watching their training video a felt a lot more at ease about taking the jump since all of their staff had been so well trained and qualified. My instructor, Aimee, made the experience awesome. She was so enthusiastic about skydiving that you could tell she loved this job.

Once we got into the plane and we climbed to 13,000 feet, I felt a little nervous. When the door opened I just pushed on forward and we moved over to the edge and jumped. You could see for so far and spinning around was amazing. Once the chute was opened and we started floating back down we did some fun circles until finally landed.

I would recommend skydiving to everyone because its such an experience and I cant wait to go again!

E. Shults(1/1/2010)

Skydiving at Harvey Field was the best experience of my life. Words cannot describe the feeling of skydiving, so no training could prepare me for what was to come. Even though I wasn't really scared, there wasn't much time to be, I couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. My tandem instructor, Vladimir, was the best instructor I could have asked for! He talked me through everything and made me laugh. He tried to make it as natural as skydiving could be. I got the video, and Valdimir made sure to make it the best video possible. Falling was great! It didn't even feel like we were falling as fast as we were and the parachute ride down was astonishing. Valdimir let me help steer the parachute, turning and falling as fast or slow as I was comfortable with. They really made sure this was the best experience of our lives. I am so doing it again!

A. Fall(1/1/2010)

I would like to take a moment to say WOW, what a fantastic experience and a memory that will last a life time. I have always wanted to skydive but was a little skeptical about trying it. Your team made it so easy and comfortable to show up and just jump out of perfectly good airplane with the utmost confidence. Ill definitely share this experience with my friends, and Im looking forward to my next jump. Special thanks to Vladimir. You Rock. Ill be back!

K. Keitges(1/1/2010)

Thank you, Skydive Snohomish for the adventure of my life! I jumped on July 5th with the master jumper Matan on a tandem skydive from 13,500 ft. He was incredible, and made my first experience an unforgettable one. I would do it all over again in a heart beat. Please enjoy the photo that I sent. I'm still pinching myself, I can't believe that I actually did it! You were all fantastic.

J. Sykes(1/1/2010)

I recently did a tandem jump at Skydive Snohomish with my pops, Rocky. We had been discussing doing this together for years and with your help that dream came true. It was an experience that I will never forget. I jumped with Todd and my father jumped with Jordan. Their smiles and enthusiasm made the whole experience comfortable and easy going. After pulling our 'chute Todd told me, "Welcome to my office." That comment sent my head spinning and after some time to think about it, with my feet on the ground, I fully plan on making many more jumps and working my way up to a solo jump. I have almost worn out my DVD of the experience, showing my friends and have also started planning another jump with as many as eight of my good frineds. We will definitely be jumping at Skydive Snohomish. Doing this with my pops is what made it one of the most memorable events in my life. Thank you so much. You will see me, and hopefully my pops again very soon.

J. Thomson(1/1/2010)

Months ago, my cousin decided she wanted to "jump" into her "30's" by jumping from a perfectly good plane and skydive! As crazy as it sounded, we agreed thinking she would back out, but as the day approached we put our deposit down instead. The countdown had begun and this began a reality of doing one of the items on my "bucket list" that I never had enough gumption in my self to do alone. At the one-week to go mark, my Dad went to the VA hospital... my life was changing and I had no control. Instead of backing out, I continued out to the field knowing that just the day before, my Dad had been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a complication from Agent Orange. As I walked towards the building, I decided that this was one of those moments that will define life as I know it. Am I living my life to the fullest or am I just dealing with the stress and merely existing?

Obeying rule #1- Have fun!

We were suited and loaded on the plane, Matan my instructor, and the entire crew made me feal very safe. They were so calm, reassuring and supportive. All of my stress started to crack, I was obeying rule #1

Then Matan and I left the plane!! What a rush as we flew through the wind I left the stress in the sky, the world was off of my shoulders, and I was free! I am glad I got the video so I can relive, and remember to keep that special sparkle in my eye and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Dropping out of the plane at 13,000 ft, it changed my perspective. Perspective to see how big the world is, and how little my problems are. Perspective to change the negative in my life to a positive, that life is already too short - so obey rule #1 and HAVE FUN!

Thanks again to everybody at Snohomish Skydive! Everyone from Janelle helping us secure our reservations and video, Matan and the expert crew of dive instructors that eased our fears, to Leslie with the super cool video. You all do an amazing job and pull off an orchestrated ballet with perfection and ease effortlessly!

The entire birthday party had a amazing and jaw-dropping time!

K. Rodgers(1/1/2010)

I was laying in my yard here in Snohomish on May 21st when I saw flying high above a small airplane. About 60 seconds later I see parachutes open and the skydivers slowly float behind the trees and out of my sight. I had always wanted to skydive, and had spoke of it for the past 2 years, but either never got around to it, was too busy, or my friends who wanted to go with couldn't go. It was at this moment when I decided to call Skydive Snohomish.

At first, I was just calling to inquire about the prices and how scheduling worked. The guy who answered the phone (who's name I did not catch) was so friendly and I was shocked at how low the prices were. I thought it would be much more expensive then $225. The gentleman who I spoke to, asked me if I wanted to set up an appointment, and he said I could jump as soon as tomorrow if I pleased. So I did it. I signed up, without hesitation.

I was so excited I called everyone to see if anyone wanted to go with me, but of course everyone was too busy to make it, let alone on that short of notice, but I didn't care. I showed up at Harvey field around 11:30am for my 12 o'clock appointment and was greeted as soon as I walked in by 2 very helpful girls. (I also didn't catch either of their names.) One had me fill out all the scary paperwork and then I stepped outside to wait with such anticipation.

Twelve O'clock rolls around and we all get summoned inside to meet the instructors and to find out who we are going to be jumping with. This is when I met Jordan. We went outside so he could teach us the only 3 rules of Tandem skydiving. He was great because it hadn't have even been 2 minutes before he had us all laughing and smiling. After the instructions of what we were going to do, and a little practice of arching on the ground, we went back inside where I found out that I was the 1st jumper, and that Jordan would be my partner.

I was excited, but not at all nervous. We got geared up with the spiffy colored jump suits and super comfortable harness... and headed outside. We squeezed ourselves in the little Cessna 185 and closed the door. I remember Jordan telling me this was the scariest part (which was a lie, but for him it was). Take off. The whole ride up I don't really remember except laughing at all the silly faces that Jordan makes and laughing at Vic (who happened to be jumping that day alone). At this point we are about 10,000 feet, and I am still not nervous at all. Jordan straps us together and tells me what is going to happen when we open the door.

So the door opens and out goes the 1st jumper. It happened so fast my brain didn't register where he had went. Then Vic crawls forward and gives me a high five and then jumps. Then its our turn, we crawl up to the door, and Jordan taps my foot to put it on the step, and so I do. He has to remind me to cross my arms and lean forward, so I do... and that's when it hit me. All the nervousness that I was lacking all day hit me like a ton of bricks. I was starring strait down 12,000 feet. Before I could even say anything (which I couldn't say anything by this point anyways) we jumped.

I can not even explain how it felt to fly. My stomach was in my chest, I was so scared that I couldn't even scream, I couldn't do anything except laugh. The rush was better then anything I had ever felt. By the time Jordan pulled the chute I was laughing so hard. I couldn't believe the view, the feeling, everything about it. In less then 2 minutes of my life, I have had more fun then I had ever had.

We drifted down and landed almost perfectly on the grass and I couldn't believe I had done it. I was running on pure adrenaline. I thought the feeling would soon go away, but I had an adrenaline rush for about 4 hours, and was high on life all week.

Jordan was amazing, and I will be hoping to see him again soon.

My experience all around was out of this world. I have found a new passion, and you will defiantly be seeing me again soon!!!

Thank you for everything, to all the staff at Skydive Snohomish.

V. Castle(1/1/2010)

Skydiving for the fist time last Sunday was the most exciting experience I have ever had. Thank you "Spotty" for the time of my life, and a big thank you to everyone for taking such good care of Tom Smith for his 70th birthday. I will be back.

J. Smith(1/1/2010)

Did my first jump Sunday night. It was more fun than I had imagined. We weren't able to go on Saturday due to clouds, and the anticipation just rose and rose until we went on Sunday. My tandem guy was Shawn and he was awesome. Thanks so much for the experience of a lifetime. I hope to go again soon.

J. Wood(1/1/2010)

I would like to THANK YOU, Skydive Snohomish, for such a fantastic time. I was pretty scared to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and at the same time wanting to Tandem jump for a long time.

The ladies behind the counter were so nice and patient with me on Saturday when I couldn't make my mind up about upgrading to the 13,000 feet jump (My Christmas present-certificate, 8-10,000 feet) I am so glad they helped me decide to do it.

I had reserved my place for 9:00am Saturday and the clouds didn't lift in time, so I rescheduled for 12:00pm Sunday. On Saturday Bill was going to be the video guy and Vladimir was to be my best friend. Bill and Vladimir on Saturday were both very nice, outgoing, and really made my experience waiting around fun, which helped me relax. They made me feel very comfortable in my decision to Tandem jump.

On Sunday, when I arrived, I sat thru the class a second time and Vladimir gave the class. He was an excellent speaker for the class, much more detail. Kelly came up to me a little later and let me know that in the 3rd group he would be my video guy. Another excellent choice. He did a great job with the video.

Shawn was my best friend on Sunday. He seemed a little reserved but he, too, did a great job for the jump. I'll be surprised if he can still hear. My woo's and woohoo's were loud and a lot.

I was scared to jump but after you get out of the plane and are turned to watch the plane go by, this is where all the fun starts. I have always enjoyed the view from an airplane looking at the ground and this didn't seem to be very different. Having the wind in your face is so nice. It's like the older days when you could still ride in the back of a pick-up truck with the wind in your face. I actually didn't have a care in the world, all I had to do was look around & have fun.

it was a little shocking when the cord pulled, being somewhat unprepared for it, but even that fun. you realize what is happening quickly and laugh at yourself more than anything "huh?" feeling. after chute pulled open shawn showed me controls, right left, so much i have always loved rides this best. twirled around way then way. fun!!

My family was on the ground waiting for me to land and my friend Sue looked up as I was coming down and said "that's Pam, right there, oh yea that's her". This is before she could even hear me yelling my woohoo's. She knew, she said, I was the only one really doing circles.

It was a great landing, even though I couldn't seem to be able to stand up at the very last moment. It was a fun experience.

After picking up the video and eating, I got home and watched the video. Oh, what an awesome editing job done! The "Hotel California" song is perfect for me. My friends & family know that I love that song.

What an awesome experience and I would love to do it again.

Keep up the great adventure! The sky's the limit.

P. Lynn(1/1/2010)

Kelly and Shawn made an unbelievable dream come true in July. Flying up to 13,000 feet in the sky was something that I never imagined would be so abnormal and exciting! As we got to the designated height for the skydive I began to get extremely nervous. Kelly and Shawn helped me towards the edge of the door and said " We're going to go on the count of 3, look at the camera! 1...2...3!" I almost puked! I didn't know how to handle the extreme feeling of falling at first but I got used to it quickly as Kelly grabbed my hand and swung me around! I will never forget the day I went skydiving and I hope that I get the chance to do it again very soon! I've watched the video of it probably 30 times since I did the jump and truly can't wait to do it again. I thank you for the experience and hope to see you all soon!

B. Surdi(1/1/2010)

I hate to be cheesy but it was by far the most AMAZING and coolest thing I have yet to do. This was a present from my sister because I just graduated high school. Best present ever! I was supposed to go with one of my best friends but he's a chicken and wimped out the day before! Since I already had the deposit down on 2 spots I needed to find a replacement ASAP. I was asking all around but never thought to ask my boyfriend because I for some reason thought he was scared of that kind of stuff. I was talking to him about my predicament and he told me he'd love to go. So we ended up going and I'm SOOO glad I got to share that experience with him (especially since he is now my fianc!). The dive was incredible period, but our instructors made the experience so much better. Mine was Vlad, he was awesome. Overall this experience was one of the best I've had in my life (so far) and I got to find out how cool my fianc really is! Thanks for this opportunity and we will DEFINETLY be returning. Hopefully shortly....

E. Mullen(1/1/2010)

Christmas Eve, 8pm Santa Claus arrives with 2, 8.5 x 11 manila envelopes one for my wife and one for me. Wondering what surprise might be inside, we opened the envelopes and found the surprise! Two skydiving certificates for a tandem jump from Harvey Field in Snohomish, Washington. We were speechless needless to say. Finally when we could talk we asked Mr. and Mrs. Claus, along with a little elf (our son, daughter in-law and granddaughter), WWWWWHHHHHHAAAATTTTTTTTT? The response was that it was getting harder to find something that would be different and since we had done almost everything already, this was something that was on a very short list of things they thought we should do.

The next 7 months passed with thoughts of can we really do this? However, how could we not because if we didn't we would never live it down. In reading the instructions we found out that because of our age we would need to get an OK from our family doctors. I guess that if you are as old as us, they figure you would have better sense than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Alas, my doctor signed the OK quickly. I wondered about the lack of hesitation on his part as he once was a student of mine, and I am not sure that he got the grade he might have thought that he deserved. Step one completed.

Saturday we arrived at the airport to sign up for the jump. We scheduled the class for the next Saturday at 3 pm with the jump to follow the training.

Saturday arrives with not a cloud in the sky. The jump is obviously on. Butterflies for breakfast, followed by mowing the lawn. Some people might choose a last meal of lobster and steak, but I thought mowing the lawn would be better and besides my stomach was already full of butterflies.

2:30 pm we arrive at Harvey Field for our training class. Rule 1; Smile Rule 2; Relax and have fun; Rule 3: Don't worry, your instructor will take care of everything (I make a special note to remind him several times not to forget to open the chute and make double sure he and I are indeed harnessed together.) My instructor's name is Kelly and he insures me everything will be fine.

While waiting for the plane we are video taped by Bill who will be recording my jump from start to finish. When he asks us about how we decided to jump I point out that it was our son Eric's idea of a Christmas gift. Early inheritance also was brought up but alas it was too late to do anything about it as the plane was awaiting us and we were all suited up. After climbing for 20 minutes, we reached our jump altitude of 13,400 feet. This is of course a little higher than the standard jump but again our son thought free falling a few extra feet was necessary. When it came time to jump, or better put, fall face first out the plane the instructor and I scooted up to the open doorway with my feet hanging over the edge of the plane. 13,400 feet is a very long ways up in the air! Too late to do anything about it because the next thing I knew I was flying like a bird with by body arched, head tilted back, and arms stretched out like wings. What a rush! Bill, who was taking the video came over to us and took my hand. I thought about asking him for some Grey Pooh Pon (excuse the spelling) but I was a little speechless at the time. The view was superb with words lacking for the actual sights that were before us.

Eventually the freefall was over and the chute opened with a sudden change in speed. Kelly said that we had been traveling at a speed of around 150 mph and when the chute opened we slowed down to a speed of around 5 mph in a time of less than 5 seconds. Now that is deceleration! The final couple of minutes were quiet and peaceful with the landing right on target and as easy as getting out of bed. Friends and family met us with cheers and the question of when we were going to go again. The response was, there are many things left for us to do, and if time permits we indeed might get around to doing it again. It is an adventure that everyone should try if for no other reason just to be able to say, "I did it". A fellow traveler once told us "that there are many ways to lead a life". Being adventuresome obviously is a first step in finding these many ways. Living to dive verses living to die can add a dimension to your life that you will never forget.

L. Nelson(1/1/2010)

There is no other feeling that is close to jumping out of an airplane and free falling for a minute. I had to get used to the breathing, but other than that it was a BLAST! After the chute opened it was such a soothing and calm feeling of just floating down with the scenery and the sun setting. Sometime soon I'm bringing a group of friends with me so they can live the experience of a life time. The staff member Shawn was rad and he was up there to make sure I had fun and enjoy the ride. Also his video kicked a&$.

A. West(1/1/2010)

I went on a dive with Shawn to 13,000 feet. It was great. Both my niece and I had a fabulous time!! She dove with Vlad, the DVD's they created were great!! Thanks for making it a wonderful day for the both of us...I would be interested in a static line dive at some point. Thanks!

B. Cusack(1/1/2010)

My dad and I jumped for our first time in July in celebration of our birthdays. Skydiving was something I had always wanted to try, my dad too, and this year I was finally old enough. What better way to celebrate turning 18? My dad said that he had been talking about jumping for years but couldn't get anyone to go with him. He was excited when he realized my enthusiasm for it, so we decided to make a day out of it. We even brought along my litter sister as our professional photographer. When we got there I was surprised by how relaxed the room was. The nervousness I developed on the car ride there had disappeared. We were early for our jump and lucky enough to be the only ones there since it was a weekday. Because of our excellent timing we got to spend extra time with our instructors, Shawn and Vladimir. They were both incredibly amusing. Telling my friends about our instructors was a great story itself. It was awesome to have just the four of us and our pilot in the plane. Our favorite part was, by far, the first few seconds of our jump. Shawn wasn't kidding when he said that it feels like a roller coaster.

I'm glad I have a strong stomach. I don't think my dad or I stopped smiling for hours. After all, that is the most important rule, right? We are already talking about doing it again.

S. Hicks(1/1/2010)

(To Bill, a videographer)

A giant thank you for coming on the skydive on Friday. I was so excited for my first dive and I didn't even know photos and a video would be an option. So, that was just a surprise bonus for me.

The photo CD and video both came today. They are just fabulous and I am so thankful for your time. I also appreciate your skill. There was so much going on during the jump that I did not even know that you were on the outside of the plane taking our pictures until I saw the video and photos.

Both the CD and DVD are filled with great images. In fact, there were a couple of scenes on the DVD that I did not remember happening at all! I think I was so very excited that I could not take it all in. You captured our day and now I even have photos to share with my siblings. Thank you for including us all.

You keep thanking me for taking you on my jump. I just laugh because I keep trying to thank you for your time. My sister was the one who really wanted everything captured on film, but now I am glad she was so persistent.

J. Helms(1/1/2010)

I just wanted to say "thanks" for the ultimate experience!! That was INCREDIBLE!! I am already planning a return trip with a few of my friends (including Chris) later this summer!! Thanks again. It was awesome!!

L. McLean(1/1/2010)

Kelly (videographer),

Thank you for your expertise in capturing our "Most Excellent Adventure". We've viewed it several times and when that door opens and the camera pans down, my hands still get clammy and my heart palpitates! We will remember and "feel" that experience for quite some time thanks to you. You are fabulous!

Vladimir (tandem instructor),

Thank you for instilling so much confidence in me that I was able to participate in an unforgettable bonding experience with my son on his special day. Sure I was terrified and whining on the way down and I may never do that again, but thanks to you I am grateful and do not regret taking the dive!

J. Mohrweis(1/1/2010)

It had always been a lifelong dream to go skydiving, then out of the blue, two weeks ago a friend mentions she and one of the girls she is working with are going skydiving to celebrate her birthday. I immediately asked, "Can I come?" and they said yes, the more the merrier. Well the way I look at it, I turned 30 years old in December and for me this has been a year long celebration, including trips to Mexico, Europe and all four corners of the United States. So when it was mentioned that I could go sky diving I was like, "Hell yes".

My experience on the jump was spiritual. My tandem partner was Gui, and I told him I had no reservations about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, I was actually looking forward to it :). When the time came I got to jump second. My friend who was my connection to this random day jumped before me and I got to watch her fall from the plane...the only thing I thought was, "Come on, let's hurry up and follow!" As soon as I stepped out of the plane, I immediately focused on the horizon, the colors were amazing, the jagged mountains had me prepared to go snowboarding. There was no fear, a little turn to the right, then to the left, and now it was my turn. It was a full 360 degree clockwise and then countdown 1, 2, 3 the rip cord was pulled.....too soon I thought. I want more freefall!! Now I want to go back.

J. Gadbois(1/1/2010)

My tandem dive with Vlad was a truly amazing experience. I jumped the day of my 50th birthday, and I never felt so alive after completing the jump. As I drove home that day, I kept marveling at how beautiful a day it was and how wonderful life was. All of the people at Skydive Snohomish were terrific, Vlad even sang "happy birthday" to me on our descent to earth. Kelly did a great job with the video, I've shown it to people at work and several have expressed interest in jumping. Thanks to all for making it such a special day.

E. Sumabat(1/1/2010)

I came out there last weekend on the most gorgeous day and had my first tandem jump with Luke. It was pretty much the coolest thing that I have ever experienced. The first few seconds were very disorienting but once we got right it was amazing. From the moment the door flew open I was yelling in excitement. Luke and I did a ton of quick spirals and then he let me fly the chute to the ground. I am dying to go again and hope to one day get licensed so I can go when and where I want. Thanks for the amazing opportunity. And tell the front desk girl Emily thanks for being awesome and funny.

L. Chisum(1/1/2010)

There were 4 of us arriving for the final part of our fundraising for the Sparrow Clubs. This was my 3rd. jump Diane was going to have number 6, Josh and Kim were looking at number 1. Our old enemy fog was present, like last year. We shall overcome. Yahoo! I get to be in the first load. Different Plane, no somersaults, freestyle, OK lets go!! MARVELOUS, OUTSTANDING. Shake hands with Kelly in freefall, new tricks, beautiful. It ends all too quickly. I can hardly wait for next year.

D. Wakenight(1/1/2010)

Thanks for one of the best experiences of my life!

Everyone at Skydive Snohomish made my first jump a memory that I'll never forget. Vladimir kept the mood relaxed yet professional, so I was able to sit back and relax and just thoroughly enjoy the entire day, knowing that I was in good hands.

Everyone I know has enjoyed Kelly's handiwork with the video camera. Great shots, good tunes and a lasting memory. My kids love to watch their Dad on TV. You made me a star. Thanks again, and I know I'll see you again.

A. Travis(1/1/2010)

WOO-HOO!!! What an incredible experience! Freefall was not what I expected. I've always had dreams of falling, but in those dreams, the feeling of acceleration was intense. That was not the case in the real thing, though. Skydiving feels like flying, not at all like plummeting to one's death as many believe. It was truly magnificent; Lyn and I have been on a real high since last Friday.

I've been trying to promote Skydive Snohomish to everyone I can, telling them that if for no other reason, they should try skydiving just because we live in a time in history when we can. One hundred years ago no one was jumping into the sky at 12,000 ft, and who knows about a hundred years from now?

I'd like to thank the Luke, Vlad, and Kelly for making the jump so much fun, along with the rest of the staff at Skydive Snohomish. Luke was very relaxed while I spun the parachute like a crazy person, which was nice, as spinning was the second best thrill for me, next to the freefall (of course).

Thanks again for the amazing thrill- Lyn and I are trying to come up with some creative financial schemes to support our new addiction to skydiving, so hopefully you'll see us again soon.

C. Peacock(1/1/2010)

My name is B. Smith and I had the breath-taking honor to do a tandem jump in September. I could conjure up all sorts of elaborate imagery to accompany my description of the actual event but I have basically fallen under the assumption that words can't describe what actually pulsed through my veins and raced through my mind as I fell helplessly back to the earth I've meandered through all this time. Heavy, man...heavy.

B. Smith(1/1/2010)

Went for my THIRD dive yesterday in the bright blue sky!! Level 2 tandem with Mr. Vlad and actually had to think this time instead of twirling and flipping and somersaulting without a care! It was a total BLAST starting to learn how to control the velocity, direction and speed of the free fall and the parachute! Vlad is awesome as usual with excellent instruction and very calming manner (and of course his regular insanity).

Thank you again for an awesome jump - look forward to number four and certification!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

H. Stafford(1/1/2010)

I made my decision to take a skydive with Snohomish as soon as I booked my vacation to WA. I am from Devon, England, and had always wanted to experience a sky dive but was holding out until I found a really scenic location where I knew I would appreciate it that little bit more. I don't think I could have found a better place to jump in this regard; there is something special about Snohomish.

After completing the necessary paperwork upon arrival, I was invited to take an upgrade on my tandem dive to jump from a higher altitude. This is definitely worth it! In my opinion the freefall is the best part, and this upgrade ensures that you maximize this element to the full. I remember asking someone who had skydived before back in the UK what it was like jumping out of a plane... they said; "it is actually quite surprising... you almost feel as though you are floating around and not plummeting." Well let me tell you this... they are wrong! I felt I was heading south pretty quick, no, very quick (how does approx 120mph sound?!)

The pre-dive briefing was quick (approx 30 mins) but clear and efficient. There are only three rules to the tandem skydive at Snohomish, which you will learn very quickly. The flight up there was pretty cool too. I remember thinking, we must be getting out soon, but the plane kept climbing. I would say first timers would either be extremely nervous or extremely excited. I am happy to say I was definitely of the latter, but that is, until one of the instructors slides open the plane door at 10,000 feet (why would they do that??!!) The wind howls by, although it is still surprisingly calm within the plane. The first jumpers go and disappear so quick you don't even get to hear them scream. I am last out and Kelly tells me to move towards the door and hang my feet out the edge! I do so and look at the ground beneath me, everything is miniscule as you can imagine. The instructor's count to "three" seems to take ages, and then before you know it, you are skydiving! I remember Kelly pointing out to the plane banking away for it's decent as it shot down past us. The feeling is incredible. I have experienced many extreme sports in my lifetime, but nothing beats the adrenaline of a sky dive.

After approximately 45 seconds of freefall the parachute was deployed and everything changed. The noise of the wind stops, you change to a sitting upright position with your feet dangling, and you can open your mouth without the result of your cheeks inflating with the intake of air!

The landing was perfect and apparently I could not stop smiling!

Naturally I would highly recommend to anyone who has not experienced skydiving before to go ahead and book it today, and do it at Snohomish. If I were resident near Snohomish I would definitely be booking myself up for some further lessons. As it happens, it is more expensive to skydive in the UK so I'm going to have to wait a bit.

A. Gibson(1/1/2010)

I did my first jump ever with Skydive Snohomish in September. I had always wanted to try skydiving, and finally decided that there was no reason not to go now! I did a search on the internet and was fortunate enough to find Skydive Snohomish right away. I immediately started calling friends, and got a group together.

When we got there, it was overcast and we weren't sure if we were going to be able to jump. When the cloud cover burned off a few hours later, and we got to go, it was the most incredible experience of my life! I couldn't believe I was doing it even as I did it. There's absolutely no experience that can even come close! As I was falling, I had to keep on reminding myself that I was actually in the air and actually falling from 13,000 feet!

All the staff down there were really nice and helped us feel really safe. They also made sure we had a lot of fun! As we landed, I knew I wanted to come back and can't wait to do it again! Skydive Snohomish and all the people down there are awesome and the whole experience was just great!

E. Wenzel(1/1/2010)

Getting older..............or better? A skydiving testimonial.

The following are some of the things that have made my 65 years rich, full and with few regrets. I try to seek things which are fun to do -- and do them! I try to stay curious -- try anything once. I smile a lot and laugh often making others laugh with me. I try to stay enthusiastic, you only live once. I easily believe in the impossible....'cause you never know! I don't dwell on what awful things might happen. Instead I focus on the incredible things God has just around the corner.

So there I was at the Skydive Snohomish door Saturday morning at 8:15 am awaiting a new adventure! Paperwork taken care of, off I went to a totally thorough Static Line training session with CJ.

I felt a bit out of place with the young folks in my class but with our common purpose a sense of camaraderie quickly developed. My class members and all of the staff at Skydive Snohomish wanted me to succeed, be safe and enjoy my first jump. The on-ground landing training was a strain on me but I was expected to do everything that everyone else did, building my confidence.

In the plane with the wonderful pilot Jennifer and instructor Todd I was worried that the strong wind was more than the strength in my arms. With patience, encouragement and a second try out I went! It was an awesome trip down knowing that I was doing something many folks would not even try. Skydiving is something I had always wanted to try and Skydive Snohomish had everything and everyone in place to make my jump a success.

Listening to the words of field instruction in the radio when he said "Jumper No. 2" I thought THAT'S ME!!! I did it! My landing was more like a splat than the smooth roll that CJ had us practice but I will do it perfect NEXT time.

I want to thank you all for making a 65 year old lady VERY, VERY happy. I will relive the experience until my next jump.

N. Orr(1/1/2010)

What an awesome way to spend a morning. My tandem instructor Vladimir was fantastic and funny too and made sure that fun was the order of the day. I will most certainly be back for more jumps. My sincere thanks to everyone. All the people at Skydive Snohomish were just fun to be around.

T. Nye(1/1/2010)

I had my first skydiving experience on Thursday. It was everything I had expected it to be and so much more. The plane ride itself was awesome, and once we had actually stepped out of the plane, there was no reason for me to be nervous! I just enjoyed the ride - the sensation of not falling, but more like floating and the view were the highlights of the jump. Also the "roller coaster" like motion of the parachute was exhilarating. I am so glad to have had that once in a lifetime experience, and if I won the free jump, I would love to have it be a twice in a lifetime! Thank you all so much for the opportunity.

S. Sandberg(1/1/2010)

This was my first time to go skydiving, and it was one of the best moments in my life. My friend and I had been talking about it for years and one day we finally got up the courage to go. Both of us arrived at Skydive Snohomish on the day of our jump without any previous skydiving knowledge. The staff, through their friendliness and professionalism, made us feel right at home. The training was brief but thorough, and we got into the plane knowing exactly what was going to happen. Thanks to the staff's knowledge and experience, I felt nothing but pure adrenaline when I jumped out of the plane! My first thought when I landed was "When can I go again?" Thanks for everything guys!

C. Heggie(1/1/2010)

To the Skydive Snohomish Management, I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful skydiving experience on Saturday. I would like to specifically point out that my instructor, Kelly, made my first jump 1000% better than I anticipated! Enthusiasm and a positive attitude are hard things to find these days, and Kelly should be commended for having both. From a consumer standpoint, he's an asset to your company. The Skydive Snohomish staff as a whole were very friendly and made for a great jump. I felt as comfortable as one could jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. :)

Thank you! We'll be back for more!!!

D. Wright(1/1/2010)

I cannot begin to thank you all enough for making my introduction to skydiving so exhilarating and memorable. The family at Skydive Snohomish is wonderful! I thought I was going to have a difficult time trusting a complete stranger with my life, but all involved in my experience made me feel very safe and welcome. The camaraderie among your staff and love for the sport is so evident.

Our entire group had an amazing time. We were able to get the extra altitude and jumped from nearly 14,000 feet! It was the most fulfilling, indescribable experience! I've had a smile on my face ever since, and I can't tell you how many times I've watched my video! I am personally grateful to Kelly and Bill for making my first jump so memorable, notice I say first jump, as I'll definitely be back! I hope to continue the experience with one of the transfer packages!

Again: Kelly, Bill, Vlad, Smiley, Elaine, THANK YOU!!

M. Jorgensen(1/1/2010)

WHAT A BLAST!!! Just got back from my first skydive at Skydive Snohomish, Harvey Field! It was AWESOME!! There is no way to describe the rush you get from leaping (okay, being pushed nicely) out of a plane up 12,000 feet in the air! We did 3 flips and ended up in our arch position for at least a long minute before the chute was pulled! It was so loud and then completely silent when we were floating with the chute opened. If you are considering jumping there is just no way not to have it videoed! It's the coolest thing to watch the whole experience again (although I've noticed a glazed over look after the 9th or 10th viewing from my friends...)! They did enjoy the fact that I looked like a wide mouth bass for the majority of my free fall.....

The folks at Skydive Snohomish are the best (Vlad and Tyson have the best smiles!!) - kind and very thorough - they take away any fears you may have and make the experience a total blast! Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience and something I will never forget!! I can't wait to jump again and bring friends!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

H. Stafford(1/1/2010)

First of all let me say this was like nothing I have ever done before in my entire life!! It was more exhilarating than I ever imagined.

When I found out the clouds were clearing and we were for sure jumping I began to get a little nervous, even though I told my wife and kids that I wasn't. I mean seriously, hurling yourself out of a plane with a little piece of cloth strapped to your back, that's just crazy. As we made our ascent into the blue skies and fluffy clouds, my nerves really began to kick in. Finally we reached our altitude and it was time to go! As I leaned out the doorway with my partner strapped to me I remember thinking, "holy ____ that is a long way down," but before I could finish my thought we were falling at a rapid pace. Once I settled into the freefall it was incredible! We yelled back and forth with shouts of joy and then we "rock and rolled" as he called it. We made some slow spins so I could take in the breathtaking view of the water and the surrounding countryside. Well at least I think that's what took my breath away, it could also have been the 120+ mph speeds that we were reaching! Once the chute opened, thankfully, it was like a different experience, very peaceful and quiet. Again to take in the views was incredible, even the one when I looked at my shoes and it was only about 5,000 feet to the ground!! My guide showed me how to do some spins and maneuver the parachute and just how much control you actually have in the air. And then it was my turn. He gave me the reins and I got to fly us around a little. It was great. As we finally made our approach for the landing I could clearly see the smiles on my family's faces and I am sure they could see mine. We made an awesome landing and the ride was over but the memory will live forever. I cannot wait to do this again.

Thank you for the experience of a lifetime,

D. Massey(1/1/2010)

Thank you Skydive Snohomish for the MOST exhilarating moments in my life to date! I'm sure I represent the more nervous among your many guests. Everyone there on Sunday - all the instructors, videographers and staff couldn't have been nicer and more caring! All of us in customer service fields can learn a lesson from your organization. My very special thanks to Vlad and Bill for a memory I will never forget.

P. O'Connell(1/1/2010)

Just wanted to tell you what an amazing experience we had at your place!!! I had promised my niece, Rebekah, a skydive for her 25th birthday. She scheduled it for August --had the most wonderful time, is still on a high and wants to go again!! Everyone we encountered at Harvey Field was wonderful. Vladimir was her tandem diver and we really enjoyed him. He is obviously very experienced and gave her a great deal of confidence. Bill did her video and does an amazing job. I am afraid it may wear out from being watched so much! It is something she will always treasure.

Thank you to everyone for this memorable experience!! We look forward to future jumps!!

R. Reisen(1/1/2010)

Skydive Snohomish staff,

I'm contacting you to thank you for an excellent experience. I completed my first tandem jump in August, and I have nothing but good things to say about your facilities and staff. Although I have not visited another drop zone for comparison, I felt that the staff was well qualified and professional. It's been exactly a month since I jumped, and I can't wait until I have the time to do it again. Hopefully it will be sooner than later. I can't remember all the names of those who assisted me along the way, but the staff was great. I rarely forget a face, so I'll be sure to reintroduce myself the next time I see everyone. My instructor (Vlad) was great, and I'll ask for him again next time.

To your credit, long before scheduling my initial jump, I researched multiple dropzones and discovered dozens of positive customer reviews regarding Skydive Snohomish. With regard to quality and integrity, I read nothing but positive things.

M. Davis(1/1/2010)

My name is T. Wilson and I am 18 years old. I did a tandem skydive from 13,000ft in August. I had a great time. I was not worried at all because the instructors assured me it was safe. The view from the plane is amazing. You can see everything. This is something that I have wanted to do for about a month and I am glad I did it before I left for college. I told my friends how much fun it was and now they want to try it. I only know one person who has been skydiving besides me and that is my mom. I want to share this experience with my friends so next summer I have decided to come back but some of my friends are going to do it also. The second I jumped out of the plane I had a huge rush of energy. We did three flips before our freefall. It was a feeling that I have never experienced before. I didn't feel like I was falling. Then when the chute opened it got really quiet and I was able to enjoy the beautiful view. It seemed to me that day that everyone who jumped had a very good time and had a smile on their face. I can't wait until next summer.

T. Wilson(1/1/2010)

I came to Harvey Field for my first skydiving jump expecting a, ummmh, spiritual experience, actually. It's a good thing I was, because if I wasn't, I may have been terrified! The most impressive part of the dive was watching the descent of my son Caleb, who was also there for a first jump.

I exited the plane before Caleb. My Tandem Instructor, Rob, opened the parachute early, as I had requested, so I could enjoy a great view and a long, gentle ride down. Soon after the parachute opened, I heard Rob say, "There goes your son, straight ahead of us". I looked up and saw what appeared to be a spinning meteor plummeting before me! My eyes trailed its path downward until it was little more than a speck below.

Finally, the speck blossomed into a distant parachute, and it wasn't until then I that I could look away. It was incredibly surreal, listening to Rob reassure me, predicting the shrinkage of Caleb's form to near pinpoint size, followed by the flowering of the parachute. I imagined it to be the closest thing to a "guardian angel" type experience, like in the movies, where something horrific has happened and you are dead because of it, but there at your side is an angel who is explaining it all and walking you through it. I never felt the least bit of fear, even regarding the fate of my son, because of my mindset and Rob's reassuring words.

After a glorious view, a slow descent, and a soft landing, I joined my son and the rest of our party, and basked in the exhilaration, and spirituality, of it all.

D. Dockter(1/1/2010)

My first skydive, ever was quite an experience; something I always wanted to do and nothing that can be easily described. I now know why people would choose to jump out of an airplane on a regular basis. The exhilarated rush I got as the door of the plane was opened at 13,500 feet was nothing compared to what I felt like when I was hanging out of the door, Rob yelling in my ear, "Ready! Set!" whatever else he said in the second before we jumped was lost in the excitement, and then we were plummeting towards the earth, the cool air buffeting my face, making even the act of breathing a challenge.

The freefall went by quick, and I'm very glad that I decided to go up to extra altitude or else it would have gone too fast and I wouldn't have had any time to enjoy it. The ground rushed up quickly, and I began to wonder how low we were going to get before the parachute opened. Then I was jerked upward it a sudden and unexpected motion, causing me an instant of fear. The fear was quickly replaced by awe as we floated downward, Rob pointing out landmarks and allowing me to steer for awhile. I can't say enough about how exciting and inspiring it was to skydive, and I look forward to doing it again and again. The staff at Skydive Snohomish was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and I never doubted their ability for a second. The camaraderie between the instructors as we were going up in the plane was a soothing balm to the nervousness and anticipation. I encourage everyone I know that had even a slight interest in skydiving to do it, and tell them that Skydive Snohomish is a great place to start.

Thank you very much for a great and completely unforgettable experience.

M. Nelson(1/1/2010)

I have been skydiving twice, once in June and again in August. The first time I went up, I was with Kelly and we could only go up 8200 ft because it was cloudy. That was a rush but it was nothing compared to the second time. I again went up with Kelly but this time we went up to 13,500 ft! It was fantastic. I could see the sun reflecting of the skyscrapers in Seattle! It was quite a rush. The feeling of falling and the wind blowing is like no other experience. It was definitely worth going up the extra altitude. I hope to come back soon before the weather gets bad.

A. Turner(1/1/2010)

It is impossible to express in words what a fabulous time we had skydiving with you at Harvey Field. Initially my husband and I were interested in sending our daughter's long-time boyfriend skydiving as a gift. (We aren't trying to get rid of him, we really do like him.) Everyone got so excited that we decided to jump together as a family.

The professionalism and hospitality of your staff was evident from my initial call to gather information until being escorting back to the hangar after the jump. The staff members were relaxed, enjoyable and obviously serious about our safety. They sincerely cared that we had a good time and made the most of our experience. The people that came to watch us jump felt that the staff helped them understand and appreciate what was happening.

This was truly the experience of a lifetime that everyone should try at least once. Paying for the extra free fall was especially rewarding since it gave me (as a nervous first-timer) the chance to really gain my composure and enjoy the feeling. The video that we purchased is a priceless keepsake as our daughter and her boyfriend were engaged just as they landed and it made it on the video. We are so glad that we chose your company and your people to be part of this amazing experience.

G. & A. Frey(1/1/2010)

I've always enjoyed wind in my hair and sticking my arm out of an open car window to touch the air that I couldn't see. When I was little I used to wait for the days when the wind would howl so I could grab a blanket (a.k.a. "cape") and my little brother and I would "fly" around the yard. On Friday, my mother Annette, her friend Nora, Nora's daughter Talia and I flew for the first time, and I don't mean the airplane ride.

It started when Annette and Nora announced they were going to skydive during summer vacation to their coworkers at the teachers' lunch table. They knew they couldn't return back to school without actually living up to what I'm thinking was a "mid-life crisis" decision. :) Then remembering to be thrifty-the two realized there was a group discount...this is where Talia and I got roped into it.

The scariest part about skydiving? Signing those papers... WOW. It's in plain English, and all I remember about it is that phrase stating that you're jumping with human made planes, parachutes, human instructors, etc. and HUMANS ARE NOT PERFECT. Thanks for that guys, as if I wasn't nervous enough. Oh yeah and something in there about "EXPERIMENTAL" being in capital bold faced letters, more than once I think, nice touch...really-nice.

What I really did like best was the whole atmosphere of the place. Your staff obviously loves the enjoyment that you bring to everyone, and loves being there. IT SHOWS. Our instructors Luke and Vladimir were awesome, they really enjoy what they're doing, including preparing you for the jump by having you lay in the grass perfecting your Superman-like diving arch. After the second "Arch...and rest!" from Luke I felt like saying "Yes drill Sergeant!" Hey, no one told us we'd have to exercise...Just kidding Luke :)

The actual jump in all honesty cannot be summed up into words. I know I was left speechless. I would never claim that there isn't a serious adrenaline rush, but looking back I'd say it's more of a thrill. To have the feeling of flight, to feel the air in your hands, to hear the wind and nothing else is so surreal and inexplicable that I dare any first time jumper to really capture the most pure sensation of freedom that there is into words.

The best I can offer is that in the 3 hour drive home back to Yakima, WA stuck in quitting time Seattle gridlock, we were the only women grinning ear to ear, totally relaxed laughing about the whole day. And I sat in the backseat dreaming of next year-when I will fly again. Next time I'm not settling for 10,000 feet, I'm going higher baby!! :)

To our incredible instructors Luke and Vladimir who made our first jump such a great experience, our videographer Todd who did above and beyond what we expected, the pilot and the rest of the staff...THANK YOU.

C. Thompson(1/1/2010)

We jumped Friday afternoon with our daughters and I wanted to thank you for an incredible experience. Vladimir and Luke, your professionalism, relaxed manner and good humor were especially appreciated as I was very nervous about jumping. Special thanks to Todd, great video, you did a terrific job. We've gotten a lot of enjoyment showing the video to friends and family. As terrified as I was, I don't regret one second of it. I'm already considering jumping again. Thanks for the memory.

A. Thompson(1/1/2010)

I thought scuba diving was the best thing I'd ever experienced. Now, skydiving is the best!! In fact, I plan on doing it some more!!

Vladimir and Luke did a wonderful job of keeping us calm and helping us feel comfortable about the whole experience. We all appreciated their "at-ease" composure.

We left there very "pumped" and drove all the way back to Yakima, Washington with grins on our faces and an occasional giggle.

Again - thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! An experience I will never forget! - WOW - AWESOME!

N. Nehls(1/1/2010)

What a wonderful experience and a great birthday gift. (Lets see how he can top this one). The day started out with great weather and a great group of people.

My instructor Kelly gets big kudos for his great smile and making me feel comfortable and safe throughout the whole experience. Thus making it a positive experience.

Also to Scott for his part in videotaping. I can hardly wait to view it. (I'm told it's in the mail).

I was thinking this might be a once in a life time thrill but with it being so much fun and I'm still smiling, I just might have to rethink this. Thanks again to all for everything, making this such a fun, memorable day.

L. Mach(1/1/2010)

I had an incredible time skydiving with you guys. CJ was a great instructor who was helpful in making me not so nervous. She would explain what was going to happen and why and then tell me as she was checking all the equipment then again after she had finished checking all the hookups. It made me feel better to know as she was checking everything out. It was such an exhilarating experience. I had a blast and I plan on skydiving again.

R. Davis(1/1/2010)

Hello everyone at Skydive Snohomish,

I want you all to know my first sky dive was a life changing experience. I was blinded in a shooting accident back in 1990. I had some people wonder if I were crazy for wanting to sky dive and I had others who wish they could do a jump. I remember talking to the girls in the office at Skydive Snohomish, I asked them if it was ok for someone who was blind to skydive. They spent some time looking it up in their book of regulations and could find nothing about blindness. So, their next step was to ask their world renowned sky diver Vlad if he could think of any reason why a blind person could not sky dive. When I heard back that he saw nothing wrong with a blind jumper I was thrilled to say the least.

As the day of the jump got nearer and nearer I was really looking forward to my jump. When the day finally got here, I was glad to see that the weather was going to cooperate. This meant my friend Scott and I would be able to add extra height to our jump. After getting all the paper work out of the way, I heard I was going to be jumping with Vlad. They told me he has over 14,000 jumps and has done some world record jumps as well. Wow! I knew right then my life was going to be forever changed.

All the staff made me feel really good about jumping. I never had any doubts that sky diving was not safe. I could tell I was flying with a real first class outfit! I was taught how to do the most important thing in sky diving, this is called arching.

Now the moment of truth had arrived, I was going up in a plane almost two and a half miles up in the air and jump out. Vlad asked me if I had any thing I wanted to do in my jump. I told him I wanted to do some back flips out of the plain if we could. I was pleasantly surprised to hear I think we could do this no problem. Again, Wow! I am going to go two and a half miles up and jump out of a plane, ran through my mind.

Now we are up in the plane and getting close to the ten thousand foot level. I hear someone start singing happy birthday to a young lady who was 80 and about to jump. We all joined in and wished her a happy birthday and a happy dive!

Well three more jumpers and it would be my turn. I was feeling my blood starting to pump faster and faster the closer we got to my jump. We are now up to 13,000 feet I heard Vlad say in my ear. It was now my turn to jump. I was ready to jump into what is the black abyss for me, but strangely enough I was feeling at peace.

We slid to the door of the plane a few seconds later the weight of the world was gone. We were now doing one flip, two flips, three flips, and an arch half way through the fourth. Just like planned we flattened out and went straight for the ground at over 130 miles per hour. The next forty seconds were over with before I knew it and we pulled the chute. Our descent was now slowed by over 100 miles per hour. I think my brain was still going faster though. I really enjoyed the flips and the free fall, but I really gained a great appreciation for what kind of control a person has with a parachute as well.

Back on the ground after a nice soft landing, it struck me that I just jumped out of a plane and lived to tell about it! The whole experience was an awesome one to say the least.

I know in my heart I will skydive again. I also know I will encourage any one blind or not to jump. Everyone who has seen my video of my jump has said it looked as if I had been jumping out of planes for a long time. I give the credit to the man who has been jumping out of planes for a long time named Vlad. He is the brave one to have been the first to jump with a blind guy at Skydive Snohomish.


R. West(1/1/2010)

We all had such a great time last Friday! Thank you for making the entire experience one that will last for a lifetime. I can not tell you how many times I have played the entire day over and over again in my head (especially when I was trying to sleep...that didn't work too well!). There is still a HUGE part of me that can not believe I did that. I have watched the video over and over...and had many good laughs at how funny I look!

Most importantly, I am so happy that you all were happy with the promotional exposure you received by partnering with 710 KIRO for Dori's Summer Adventure Series promotion.

So many people have watched the video....and have said maybe that they would do that someday. So, you never, know....we could be back. And you can count on Kati and I being there when Tony jumps!

A big thank you to Tyson, Vlad, Gui (I love that guy!), Kelly, Mike and the whole gang. I can't thank you enough for a fun, and safe, experience of a life-time.

C. Cangiano(1/1/2010)

Just wanted to say "thanks" to all the professionals at S.S.

My son, Greg, and his girlfriend, Jenny, had the best possible time. You run a class outfit. Say a special thanks to Gui, Kelly, Vlad, and Bill (I think it was "Bill" who videotaped Greg).

We'll be telling a lot of our friends about your outfit. You guys are awesome!

J. & C. Wittreich(1/1/2010)

I want to thank you all for making my birthday a lot of fun and such a wonderful experience. Skydiving was the most fun I have ever had in my life! I look forward to my next jump, until then I watch my video every day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

K. Kurpuis(1/1/2010)

I made my first jump Saturday morning and I have to say it was, without a doubt the funnest thing I have ever done. Everybody there at the center was helpful and very friendly, it really put me at ease. It was not scary one bit, it was all excitement. Thank you Helen, Charlie, Vlad, Kelly and Bill.

Hope to see you all again real soon.

D. Sallee(1/1/2010)

Thanks for everything. You guys were awesome. What a great job you do up there. Congrats to you all for running a great company. The rest of the weekend was terrific. Everything went well and Lora was just thrilled.

Hopefully we will get a chance to see you guys again somehow.

T. Clothier(1/1/2010)

Just wanted to drop a line and say "thanks for the most amazing thrill of my life!" I jumped with Vlad on Saturday, and I now know. There is no way to adequately describe the experience. I just know. Vlad was a true pro. He made me feel safe, and insured that I had a great time.

As I can afford it, I will be back!

J. Davis(1/1/2010)

I did a Tandem Jump this last Saturday and just had a blast! It was one of the best experiences I had and I don't know if I'll ever be able to top it!

My Bestfriend and I jumped with CJ & Vladimir and they were awesome folks to jump with. I don't think the jump would have been as good if they were not "the angels on our backs".

Helen & Elaine in the office provided excellent customer service and we couldn't have been more pleased.

Scott video taped my jump and did an awesome job. There was not one point where the video didn't have the action properly centered.

L. Smith(1/1/2010)

Just wanted to let you (all) know that we had such a BLAST on Wednesday!!! It was truly AWESOME and like nothing else. You were all great!! I was so afraid that Jeri was going to "freak out" on me, but she is already looking forward to the next jump (41st birthday??? -- uh, I mean 29).

Anyhow, thanks so much and we can barely wait to "dive" with you again!

K. Askew(1/1/2010)

I wanted to let you all know how much my family and I enjoyed the experience. The training was just the right amount so as not to be overwhelming. The jumps for everyone were incredible, thanks to a safe and well run operation. We were only sorry that we didn't get to jump with CJ, tell her thanks for us.

K. Watson(1/1/2010)

Thank you for the awesome experience! You all were so helpful, upbeat and accomodating.

I've been giving out the dive bucks cards. Tony and I told our Kiwanis group today and found some more interest- we are running out of cards - do you limit the number you give out, or would you want to send us a few more? I'm very happy to do more promoting.

Thank you again.

L. Johnson(1/1/2010)

Throughout today I spoke to everyone who jumped last Friday, and everyone had a great time, and some are even ready to go again (as I promised them they would), anyhow just wanted to say thanks for having the group have a great day!

M. Fabian(1/1/2010)

We went skydiving on Sunday and I had such a wonderful experience that I just had to email. That was the most fantastic experience of my life! I could not have a better time. Not only because of the skydiving, but, because the people there are WONDERFUL. Vladimir is the most amazing person. Because of your attention to detail and the types of people you have working there, I felt completely comfortable and safe every single second. Vladimir did his best to not only make sure that I was safe but that I was having fun too. And, it's not just me. You guys are like that with every single person that comes through there. I've seen it. I cannot thank you enough. I have, and will continue, to tell everyone I know about you and encourage everyone to go skydiving.

I'll be back. You can bet on it.

K. Davenport(1/1/2010)

I would like to thank everybody at skydive Snohomish. for everything I had the best time of my life today and I owe it all to you guys there.


J. Telford(1/1/2010)

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