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Rigging Services & Common Repairs

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Rigging Services

Common ServicesPrice
Reserve inspection and repack
This is the FAA required 180 day scheduled inspection and repack of the reserve/container. 3 ring maintenance is required and the container manufacturers recommend every month. If your not taking care of the maintenance then let us handle it for you at repack time. Its a system that you want to work flawlessly everytime when it needed. If you decided to have us repack you main at the same time, we will inspect the deployment bag, bridle, pilot chute and lower brake lines and report recommendations for repair. (We recommended combining with a main inspection at least once a year. A full main inspection is required after a cutaway to ensure there is no damage to the main.) IMPORTANT: We are more than happy to let you practice your emergency procedures when leaving your gear for a repack but ask that a rigger is around to ensure that your gear is correctly stored after pulling to prevent any damage to the equipment and avoid additional expenses.
48-hour Expedited service
Need it sooner than the estimated 1 – 2 week. This jumps the repack to the head of the line ensuring it gets done quickly.
Overnight Expedited service
Need it next day – we can often rearrange our schedules to meet yours.
Main repack
If you leave your canopy unpacked or the cutaway has been pulled. It will be returned packed and ready to jump. If you get a main repack at the same time as reserve repack – we will do an inspection of pilot chute, bridle, deployment bag and lower brake lines allowing you to avoid any problems and downtime and giving you piece of mind. Not a full inspection but a great opportunity to have a mini inspection and take care of any small issues before they become big issues.
Removal / Install AAD outside of gear assembly
AAD’s can be added/removed between repacks only by the rigger that did the repack. Removal or reinstalling requires opening of the reserve pack and resealing.
3 ring release maintenance
This is a maintenance that you should be doing regularly between reserve repacks. All the manufacturers recommend this regularly to ensure the release works correctly. If you simply want us to take care of this between repacks then we can schedule to do this or we can show remind you how to do this simply maintenance yourself.
Container Wash
Containers do get dirty and sweaty and this service can make a tired looking rig look years younger. This also makes your rig more appealing when you are ready to sell. This service requires full disassembly and reassembly of main and reserve parachutes, and AAD removal and reinstall. Typically, this takes a minimum of 1 week and should be scheduled when your due for a reserve repack.
Full Rig Assembly and Pack
Buying a new rig or piecing together components for a “new to you” rig. We will get it all assembled and ready to jump. This includes assembly and repacking of both reserve and main.
Main canopy assembly
If you’ve bought a new canopy and need it installed onto risers and into your container. A full continuity check is performed and if the canopy requires slinks due to condition of existing one or simply because they were not provided we can provide them. The slinks will be tacked in ensuring that the tab doesn’t keep sneaking out of the risers and you bridle/bag will be swapped over. (Does not include cost of new slinks) If the assembly requires disassembly of existing component prior to assembly of new component (additional 10)
$35/$50 with main repack
Main canopy Inspection (Required After cutaway)
While cutaways are rare, when they do happen a full main inspection should be performed to ensure that the main canopy is free of damage and good to go before repacking it up. A main canopy inspection report will be provided detailing any issues identified.
Pre-purchase Inspections
Buying a new canopy or rig and want a pre-purchase inspection to ensure that you are getting what you expect and that the equipment is airworthy. Canopy / Container (30) Complete System (60) Please chat to us before having gear sent to us.
$30 Canopy/Container - $60/Complete System
Rig Disassembly
Selling part of your rig. Make sure that it is disassembled correctly. Canopies are placed on cards to make it easier for reassembly.
$25/Canopy $50/Complete System
AAD Maintenance
If your AAD needs to be serviced then we can remove the unit, send to the manufacturer and reinstall upon its return. For Cypres units there is a 6-month window for servicing. For Vigil units, they must now be returned to the manufacturer @ 10 years for a mandatory battery change.

Rigging Repairs

Common RepairsPrice
Install Slider Keeper
You have a slider keeper and want it tacked more permanently to your container.
Leg strap Bungee
If you’re going to be free-flying then a leg strap bungee is a must have.
Patching Canopy
You’ve discovered your canopy has a hole in it. Don’t leave damage to get worse – it can turn a small repair into a large costly one. Price varies depending upon the size and location.
Repair Broken / Missing Stitching
Sometimes stitching breaks and starts to unravel. Get it taken care off and repaired immediately to avoid further damage.
RSL Install
If you don’t have an RSL on your rig we highly recommend them. Installation requires the reserve pack to be opened and outside of a reserve repack this can only be done by the rigger who packed your reserve without a need for a new repack. Your rig may already be set up for an RSL or may require modification to the container and/or main risers.
Lower Brake Line Replace
One of the most common wear points on main parachutes is the lower brake lines. Every time you control your parachute you are rubbing this lower line. They fuzz up and weaken considerably much quicker than any other line on your parachute. Note: The brake lines are replaced as a pair.
$30/Lowers Only $40/Lowers & Mid
Bridle Attachment Repair
The loops which attach your bridle to the deployment bag to wear out over time. If caught early this can be repaired which will save the expense of replacing a new bridle/pilot chute assembly which is much more expensive.
Replace Broken Container Stiffeners
As rigs get older, the stiffener plates and tuck tabs often break or become distorted. Have them repaired before they damage the surrounding material resulting in a bigger more expensive repair.
Replace BOC Pocket
Pilot chute pouches wear out over time – if its got a hole in or it is simply losing its elasticity and not holding the pilot chute securely in the pouch then its time to be replaced. A secure pilot chute is critical for any free-flyers to minimize the chances of a high speed premature deployment.
Jumpsuit Hook Knife Pocket
All licensed jumpers should have a hook knife. If you want one sewn on your jumpsuit then we can take care of that. $20 if suitable pocket provided / $30 to make pocket for knife.
Canopy Reline
Main canopies last a long time but eventually the lines begin to wear out – in the PNW we would estimate 500 jumps for most Spectra/Vectran line sets. Spectra line sets can shrink sufficient to seriously effect canopy performance even before lines start breaking. Give your canopy a refresh and have a new manufacturer line set installed on your canopy. (There are many different line types and we can advise you prior to ordering the lines – typically allow 1-2 week from receiving lines from manufacturer). New slinks are are required at reline (additional costs) Expedite to under 48 hours – extra $30
$130 + Cost of line set from manufacturer.
Deployment Bag repairs.
There are many different types of repairs that we do on deployment bags. Dealing with issues early avoids more costly repairs later. Examples of this may be not addressing a damaged grommet which eventually tears the bag and requires patching and a replacement grommet. · Overstitching broken/missing stitches – from $20 Replace Grommet – from $20 Patching Bag – from $25 Binding Tape Repairs – from $20 Velcro replacement on free bag – $30
Replace Elastic Keepers
Rubber bands on your rig damage webbing. We replace elastics with the correct elastic keepers just like the manufacturer sent on your rig when it was new. These will minimize damage to the webbing.
$3 Each
Shop Hour
Sometimes the repair is not something that is common and for these we charge at the standard shop hour + materials.

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