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Skydiving Prices

Information & Rates

First Skydive - Tandem Skydiving

Tandem instructor and student excited post skydive with black, white, red, and white canopy in the background.

Tandem Class & Skydive

Tandem skydive and 30-minute ground school.


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Options & Upgrades

woman looks down in skydiving freefall

Double Freefall

Double Free Fall Time From 30 Seconds To 60 Seconds!

$35 Extra

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Specials & Promotions

Young male and female smiling while male gives thumbs up post skydive

Upcoming Special

Check back for upcoming Specials!

Stayed Tuned!

Group Rates

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Licensed Skydivers

More Information

Gear Rental

rigs hang neatly over red lockers

Rig Rental

$25/ Per Jump

Male and female experienced skydivers in free fall with clear view off the earth below them.


$5/Per Jump

A few reminders before you book your jump:

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