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First Skydive FAQs

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In the very unlikely event that the parachute doesn't open properly, there is a reserve parachute located in the top of the container that is meticulously inspected and packed every 180 days by an FAA-certified Rigger. For more on skydiving safety, read our article, Is Tandem Skydiving Safe?

A tandem skydive will consist of 30 to 60 seconds of freefall time, depending on the altitude you jump from, followed by a 4-5 minute parachute glide down to the landing area of the airport.

Wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes that lace. No shoes or boots with heels or “quick lace” type hooks. Jumpsuits will be available or you can jump in street clothes.

Our tandem skydive training session takes about 30 minutes, and consists of approximately 15 minutes of video training, followed by a few minutes with an instructor to review the material covered in the video. You should plan to be at the dropzone for up to three hours for your entire experience.

The freefall portion of the skydive is the primary environment in which most of the learning occurs. If you choose the 12,000 foot skydive you will DOUBLE your freefall time from 30 seconds to one full minute, hence increasing the learning time. The additional free fall time is almost like getting another skydive for a fraction of the cost.

Yes. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) requires that jumpers be at least 18 years of age. Skydive Snohomish is a USPA Group Member, and we pledge to comply with USPA's Basic Safety Requirements. Furthermore, minors in the State of Washington cannot waive their legal rights, nor can parents/guardians waive the rights of a minor. This means that even if a parent were to sign the skydiving waiver form and give consent, the waiver would be invalid.

Persons age 65 or older are welcomed to skydive tandem with a Doctor's Statement of Physical Fitness that has been signed by a physician within the 60 days prior to the skydive.

Yes. For tandem skydiving, the weight limit is 220 lbs, or 230 lbs if the individual is over 6 feet tall. The weight limits are based on equipment manufacturers’ recommendations and best practices that allow us to maintain safety as the number one priority here at Skydive Snohomish.

The sensation of freefall feels more like flying than falling. Once the canopy opens the flight is quiet and the view is breathtaking and exhilarating. For more on what to expect, read our article, What Does Skydiving Physically Feel Like. How will it feel when the parachute opens? You will definitely feel the parachute inflating with air, but very few complain of any kind of discomfort.

You will definitely feel the parachute inflating with air, but very few complain of any kind of discomfort.

Possibly. If there is sufficient altitude beneath a solid cloud layer, or if there is enough space between the clouds, then skydiving may be possible. Wind can sometimes prevent skydiving, too. We receive aviation weather reports that are updated hourly that help us make a decision 2 hours prior to each class. The decision is then posted on our website under the “Today’s Tandem Class Status”. If weather prevents your skydive, your deposit will remain on account, and you can reschedule for another day and time, subject to availability.

Yes! EITHER photos OR video are available as an additional service. Your instructor will take photos or video of your entire experience, from gear-up, flight to altitude in the aircraft, and of course, your freefall AND canopy time. Videos are professionally edited and your video or photos are delivered to you via a download link in an email within 24 hours of your return to earth. As a courtesy for easy viewing and sharing of your video, we will upload your skydiving adventure to YouTube. See other thrill-seekers’ experiences and get an idea of what you can expect at Skydive Snohomish by checking out some examples of Tandem Skydiving Videos! For your safety, only instructors are allowed to take photos or video of your experience. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) requires that skydivers have at least 200 jumps before using photo equipment.

Keeping groups together is a primary consideration, however, there are limits with the aircraft, staffing, and equipment, so we are not able to guarantee your group will all be together. We will do all we can to help you share your experience together! For more information on group reservations, view our group information page.

Your deposit is your commitment to us to skydive at some time. In return, we hold your spot on the schedule (often times turning others away to hold your spot), and make commitments to have aircraft and experienced instructors, pilots, packers, and staff available on the day of your skydive to assure that you have an amazing experience! If for some reason you are not able to skydive, and you notify us before the cancellation period expires, your deposit IS transferable.

United States Parachute Association (USPA) rated Tandem Instructors will conduct your training at our USPA affiliated skydive facility. Our professional instructors are experienced in what they do and are all appropriately rated by USPA.

The parachutes we use are custom designed, rectangular, “ram-air”, parachutes. is the website for the public transportation system that serves King, Pierce and Snohomish County. This website will help you plan the route that best suits your needs for the day of your skydive. Go to TripPlanner to find the best schedule and price information. Other transportation options include Uber, Taxi, or a car rental service.

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